The Prestige Brand Journey


The Prestige brand has evolved into the most loved and popular kitchen products brand across India. It has today become a total kitchen solutions provider, and this is our story.


Upto 2001.

The daily struggle of a housewife in the kitchen, to make healthy food, inspired the TTK group to get Denis Papin's invention, the Pressure Cooker, to India. It was an innovative and novel product at the time. And we were dealing with Indian housewives, who had learnt cooking through traditional methods.

At that time, safety during cooking was a big challenge for Indian women, and the Prestige team was determined to provide safety to these women. The pressure release valve and other such innovations made the Prestige Pressure Cooker stand out.

Our first iconic ad with the slogan - Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar accentuated our efforts and the Prestige Pressure Cooker became a part of the Indian Kitchen. The other great invention for Indian Kitchens by Prestige was the Pressure Pan.


2001 - 2007

By early 2001, the Indian woman was no longer confined to the kitchen. She stepped out and entered the corporate world. Women started supplementing household incomes by going for jobs and even venturing into businesses. But they still cooked at home. This made us realise the additional burden on housewives and the need to invent products to save their time so that they could be more productive within their limited time.

Prestige soon launched the new smart range of innovative cooking and kitchen products and re-launched their new communication campaign titled 'Are you ready for a smarter kitchen?'.



Prestige products and innovations, by now, had covered all requirements of the modern Indian Kitchen. Prestige products were widely appreciated and it grew into a 'Total Kitchen Solutions' provider.

Prestige also expanded into the retail network to ensure that we connect with our customers in a direct interface. The Prestige SmartKitchen stores began making waves across the Indian sub-continent.



Cooking is an expression of love, and the kitchen is where conversations and moments are created and treasured. The iconic line which helped us launch Pressure Cookers has been brought back. And who better to present Prestige than the regal couple, Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan, our new celebrity endorsers.