Don’t Just Discard- Upgrade!


Do you ever think if it’s possible to satisfy your retail therapy urges of buying a new kitchenware without drilling a hole in your pocket? What could be better than just discarding your old kitchen cookware and countertop appliances?  Is the clutter in your kitchen coming in your way of a healthy and stress-free life?


Let’s face it. We all have been there and done that. This is a struggle we face every day in our kitchens. So here we tackle one question at time for you–


Is it possible to satisfy your retail therapy urges without drilling a hole in your pocket?


The answer is simpler than you thought. There is a way in which the old guy can be still useful to you one last time. Don’t just discard but exchange and upgrade your kitchen. It’s simple and saves you your hard earned money!


More than often we buy new pots, pans, kitchen appliances and tools without thinking about what we are going to do with the one sitting at home. There are hundreds of reasons to buy new equipment like a need for technology, eroding and nonworking appliances or perhaps just bored of the same old stuff.


While our requirements can differ, we all have the common necessity, to upgrade. It not only makes our life convenient and safe but also exciting in the kitchen, where it can be very easy to feel de-motivated.


You just love the new Prestige Apple pressure cooker that allows you to cook and serve, but the old aluminium pressure cooker is occupying space in your kitchen...


We, at Prestige, understand your requirements to upgrade while being easy on the pocket. The Prestige Mega Exchange Festival allows you to upgrade your old kitchen cookware and appliances from any brand for the new attractive and irresistible models from the Prestige Catalogue.


To make the offer irresistible and encourage you to make the exchange, Prestige is not just going to take your scratched/ stained, working/ non-working, plastic/ metal, beyond repair items but also offer a great exchange benefit on your purchase of any new Prestige product.


So don't wait, Upgrade!


Is the clutter in your kitchen coming in your way of a healthy and stress-free life?


Your kitchen is the heart of your home and should be a joy to you. Cooking is a way to relieve stress and express your love for your friends and family. But if your kitchen is cluttered, it can surely be the stressful and demotivating experience.


An organised kitchen is not a luxury but a need, so open up your kitchen cabinets, face the avalanche and get rid of piling stuff. Bring it to us and get what you want.


Get your dream kitchen today, use the Prestige Mega Exchange Festival to your advantage and bring Prestige home!