Designing a Modern Kitchen


A busy life is the nearest thing to a purposeful life. Everyone works hard to make their life worthful and achieve the dreams they have been running after. We need someplace to calm down and relax ourselves after a hectic day. There is no place better than home. Home is where the heart is and a kitchen is the heart of a home. We are beginning to experience a growth in technology as it’s being applied for food preparation in the kitchen. In fact, many companies are eager to move into the space of modern kitchen products to offer smart appliances that would fit in a sophisticated kitchen. They offer products that add value for consumers. These appliance manufacturers bring products that can even alert you in the time of any emergency. Such smart appliances also save energy providing a proper advantage to the ecosystem through technology that delivers products which results in a well-founded customer experience.




Prestige understands the concept of feeding the soul with beautifully designed kitchenware. So, its expert team keeps researching with fresh and innovative concepts to come up with latest trends, materials, finishes, and accessories. They focus on customer’s style and needs, to help them establish their dream kitchen. Some of the products mentioned below are a result of this endeavour;



Prestige Stunner is thoughtfully designed to inspire the smart kitchen concept in Indian cooking culture and offers an aesthetic modern feel for Indian users. It is beautifully crafted with world-class components from E.G.O. Germany, and Schott Ceran German glass that adds an element of elegance to your kitchen along with an unbeatable durability. The smart four zones built in Induction cooktop with a smart touch control panel helps you adjust the temperature with a slight touch of your fingertips providing hassle free environment in your kitchen.


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Prestige has changed the way we perceive cooking and the way we feel in the kitchen through Comfort, Safety, and Convenience by bringing world’s slimmest Hob-tops. These specially designed Italian make SABAF burners make cooking much faster and efficient. The refined, smart finish of the hob-tops raises the durability of this appliance and gives a brilliant touch to this product. The sleek demeanor of this appliance with auto-ignition knobs render durability, safety and the convenience of easy maintenance making it a classic appliance.


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Your kitchen environment needs to be fresh and hygienic for a joyful culinary experience. Prestige Chimneys remove the smoke and odor from your kitchen efficiently for fresh and healthy air. The angular suction technology with auto clean heat technology draws out the stale air, smoke, and grime providing value to your health along with high efficiency. Prestige always aims for prime design, craftsmanship and service while our products are a hallmark of quality & endurance. If you have got any distinct ideas or concepts kindly reach out to us so that we can engage on that together.


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