Independence from Dirt


The annual tryst to taste the feeling of independence all over again makes 15th August not just a national holiday but a celebration to rejoice oneness regardless of religion, caste, creed or language. The nationalistic fervour stoked by singing “Vande Mataram”, the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” truly makes our chest swell with pride on this particular day. The tricoloured flag going up in the air spreads an overwhelming wave of patriotism that implicitly takes over any other emotion.



Let us take this opportunity of independence day to celebrate the freedom from pollutants, allergens, infection causing germs and the regular dirt and grime from our homes. Our homes have evolved today with the readily available clean home solutions from Prestige to give us great health, hygiene, comfort and convenience.


Small things that bring about a big change 



Cleaning tools that are durable, easy to handle and that protects your hands from chemicals are essential and important to make your beautiful home more beautiful. To get that spotless and stain free finish with the push of a button, the “Window Cleaner” is convenient to use. To clean your kitchen tiles, slabs, gas stoves to a squeaky finish, the “Dish Brush” makes cleaning no longer a laborious process. Dry Mop, Microfiber Clip Mop, Broom, Dust Pan Set, Kitchen Wiper come to your rescue to keep your home neat, hygienic and clean.


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Waste segregation for a bright tomorrow 




To keep our environment clean has become a prime responsibility today. This is required to let our future generations thrive in harmony with their natural surroundings. Waste disposal with dry and wet waste being segregated allows recycling, incineration and composting processes to be carried out systematically to reduce the burden of landfill waste on our lovable planet. Prestige makes this possible with their Flip Bin Double Waste Bin collector. This bin comes with 2 removable inner buckets, to be able to easily collect the dry and wet waste separately. The colour coded foot pedal allows us to access the respective bin collector comfortably, to carry out our social responsibility for a clean home and environment collectively.


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Breathe fresh air, breathe with ease



Did you know indoor pollution is greater than outdoor pollution? Is it required to compromise our state of health by continuing our way of life by breathing disease causing germs and pollutants? Prestige provides us a hearty health with a purified environment for our family in the comfort of our homes. The difference i air quality is clearly appreciable with Prestige “Air Purifier” being a part of your home. It’s advanced filtration technology aided by ioniser gets rid of disease causing germs, pollutants, etc effectively to safeguard your family’s health.


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Kill two birds with one stone




Believe it, it is quite possible with Prestige Typhoon “ Floor Polisher”. This is an amazing gadget that not only scrubs, cleans and polishes all kinds of floors, but also vacuum cleans.


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Food with freshness and taste restored



It is quite a challenge to appease your family with great tasting food for great health. The pesticides and chemicals laden fruits and vegetables pose quite a threat to your health today. A simple solution to get rid of the chemicals, pesticides and harmful bacteria from fruits, vegetables, lentils, meat and seafood would be to use Prestige Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner to cleanse them through ozone purification technology.


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Step up with safety and confidence




Access your closets, cabinets, lights, fans with the wonder “Step on ladder” with broad slip resistant steps at heights above the normal easy to access areas. It is a fantastic foldable accessory at your service at all times. A clean home is a haven to experience bliss and comfort. A place where you feel connected with your loved ones, experience freedom from all inhibitions with safety and security. So celebrate this sentiment this independence day with a world of clean home solutions to complete this feeling.


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