Recovering from festive pounds


The months of November and December are the true tests of time on your ability to ward off the piling of inches on your waistline. The grandeur of festivals and get-togethers can jinx our eating habits to the extent that the indicator on the weighing scale keeps tilting towards the right side uncontrollably. You take off your watch, your jacket or that heavy bracelet, hoping the number on the weighing scale might come down. But tough luck!


The bright side is that “Nothing is permanent”. Things can be worked out with a plan that only keeps you motivated day by day. In fact, you start looking forward to those activities, that further enhance your health regime for a balanced lifestyle.


Begin with your most favourite activity.



Go shop for a great pair of shoes that cushion your joints with fun exercises. Go for brisk walks smelling the fresh winter air, at the same time feeling all warmed up with a kickstart of your mellowed metabolism. Incorporating some jumping jacks and swinging your arms in circles may just leave behind some contagious vibes to rope in some more family members into your enthusiasm. Maybe you could get into a competition and check out who can touch their toes with ease bypassing their grown bellies due to the festive treats.


Let the enthusiasm kicking in



Begin your day with masala chai or throw in some fresh herbs like ginger and mint in your otherwise normal tea. That can surely lift your spirits up. Or get your favourite brand of coffee and add in some hazelnut or vanilla flavours to give it that special aroma. Go for Prestige Coffee Maker to make everyday as special as your coffee.


Get generous and get your staff smiling



The never ending sweet festive treats keep making you come back to your snack cupboard with the tiniest hunger pang punching in. Generously exhaust those treats by encouraging your faithful home staff to have them with their cup of hot beverages. It is that easy!


Ready… Get.. Set… Glow !



Stay hydrated this winter and let everyone keep guessing the secret behind that glow. Of course, it is to do with plenty of water intake. It keeps your skin youthful and glowing. Prestige Water Purifier gives you an abundant supply of natural drinking water purified without the use of chemicals. Add a few slices of cut cucumber, lemon, a few fresh mint leaves to your entire day’s supply of drinking water, will help you get rid of toxins from your body, keeping your energy levels high and thus your spirit. Just a few weeks of consistent drinking may keep you staring at your reflection longer!


Don’t be surprised when you hit the sack!



A good night's sleep may not be difficult when you keep on your toes zealously. Umpteen activities like a quick run to the grocery store for an errand, climbing up the flight of stairs when people impatiently wait at the elevator foyer, offering to walk your pet or your neighbour’s dog with an energetic spree, or even cycling to your friend’s home to catch up with the latest technology, music videos, etc. keep you active throughout the day. These fun activities would do the trick of firming up the jelly fat and toning you up for the next season of celebrations.


Wave Goodbye to Flab adding foods



It is time to wave goodbye to flab adding foods like pastries, chocolates, candies, biscuits, cookies, doughnuts, white bread, chips, fast food, carbonated beverages, ice creams, etc., which just keep you full but don’t give you energy levels to keep your enthusiasm going. Air fried foods with minimal oil content keep your taste buds satisfied and prevent you from reaching out for the bag of deep-fried chips. Prepare your crispy fries in the Air fryer using a drizzle of olive oil. Prestige Multi Utility Air Fryer allows you to prepare homemade freshly baked multigrain bread or any bread of your choice. Prestige Popcorn maker gives you beautifully popped crunchy popcorns instead of those buttery microwaved ones. Prepare delicious homemade sauces using Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Saucepan for an Italian feast including pasta, pizzas, etc. Prepare homemade salad dressings incorporating avocados instead of fat cream to make it rich and creamy. Homemade vinaigrette, virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar make wonderful salad dressings instead of the store bought bottled dressing variety. Prepare grilled sandwiches with your choice of healthy fillings using Prestige sandwich maker at home with less fat content. Control the amount of butter and cheese that would go into your sandwiches. For mid-meal snacks, reach out for walnuts, figs, dates, almonds to give you healthy fats and nutrition. You will be surprised how these magical nuts douse out your cravings. Fruits like apples, bananas, oranges help surge your drooping energy levels to keep up the tempo of the day. Grill chicken, fish, paneer, vegetables; prepare one-pot baked dishes for a fiesta or any hearty meal using Prestige Oven Toaster Grill.


Too much caffeine is not a good idea at all



Avoid overindulging in teas and coffees which sneaks in the unwanted calories through sugar into your body. Limit these easy to go for beverages and opt for Green Tea with soothing herbs that help calm your nerves and to get clarity back into the flow. One great way to combat your fatigue would be to go for a 10-minute brisk walk that would keep you charged for the next 2 hours. So do ponder on this information the next time you reach out for another sugary cup of hot beverage!


Sweet Options



Go for the low fat plain Greek Yogurt for a sumptuous dessert instead of the rich and creamy ice cream. Munch on dried cranberries, blueberries, prunes, dates, etc to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Keep your heart throbbing with Dark Chocolate



Dark chocolates consumed in moderation are healthy for your heart and body. The rich antioxidants and minerals nourish your being and are relatively low in the sugar content.


Exercising is a win-win situation



Regular and full body workouts keep your spirits high, helps you beat stress, makes you feel confident with great posture and appearance, makes you feel fit, helps maintain your weight within a reasonable range, supports your weight loss, naturally motivates others, keeps you aware of what you eat and allows you to feast regularly because you know you are in control of your body. Most importantly, it boosts your immunity levels helping to keep diseases at bay.


A little thought to manage your lifestyle with diligence and consistency helps you to reach your goals fruitfully. You would easily say a firm “No” when it comes to wrong food habits and be naturally receptive when it comes to healthy choices. So welcome to comfortable healthy living!