Welcome Winter


Are you getting cold feet about tackling the winter season? The dipping temperatures can directly affect our moods and energy levels proportionately. But hey! Every season has its specialities. It is winter and holiday season is fast approaching for family gatherings and winter festivities.

If the tendency to become a couch potato and sinking under the pile of blankets becomes a regular affair, here are a few ways to get the better of them.



Give the winter touch to your home



Begin by keeping yourself warm and cosy by bringing out the blankets, mufflers, shawls and sweaters out which were carefully stacked away keeping from dust. Get vibrant and colourful to add cheer instead of shivering and being uncomfortable. As the body tends to lose the significant amount of heat from the head, it is important to wear warm caps to keep you from falling sick. Your home needs a special attire too! A string of twinkly lights is just the right attire to pep up your window and door frames or your bed support to add a little cheer to your ambience. Light up aromatic candles at your favourite hangouts at home which probably would make family members who like to keep to themselves to open out warm conversations, stirring up the winter air. Probably your nosy neighbour may peek in to check out your cosy ideas and may lend a few too. Small plants at strategic locations within your home would purify the stale heavy winter air and improve circulation, providing natural vitality. Green plants like Fikus, Aloe, Spider plant, etc would be great oxygen providers for your cherished home. Give a rustic look to your home by hanging up memories in frames that exude warmth to the winter air. Photographs that make you relive your special moments for endless times.


Prestige Air Purifiers would create a wave of change protecting your’s and your family’s health, keeping away harmful bacteria that may invite allergies, sinus issues or the more severe asthmatic attacks. It purifies the air, getting rid of pollutants, at the same time humidifying the air reducing the dryness effect of the season.


It would be a good time to invite over friends for a one-pot meal using your much-cherished Prestige oven toaster grill to show off your culinary skills. Get the Kettle roaring for some quick hot chocolate, and other favourite beverages to get the dwindling spirits high to beat the winter blues. Invite endless banter having family and friends over for tea with freshly baked cookies, berrylicious or chocolate chip muffins. Check out the recipes of these miniature treats at- Prestige Smart Chef


Herbal infusions with natural ingredients like tulsi, mint, ginger, lime can keep you warm, strong and healthy. It eases digestion, gives you a good detox and boosts your immune system. Natural turmeric boiled in milk with honey can do wonders to treat your coughs and colds defeating the regular over-the-counter medications. Check out our special herbal tea recipe at- Prestige Smart Chef


Explore Outdoors


Jump into your minivan or a picnic vehicle with your favourite bunch of friends and family to visit scenic destinations like famous waterfalls, dams, lakeside campsites, trekking a challenging trail, or exploring caves at a hilltop etc. Oh! Don’t forget to carry your stash of hydrating beverages in your hygienic easy to carry travel companion “Thermo pro waterbottles”. Of course the “Emergency Lantern” is a must accessory that comes so handy to brighten up your campsite or to give you company during the spooky night walk. The cool pleasant weather of this season is all about revelry and enjoyment with a smug bunch.


Visit art galleries, museums, sprawling parks, libraries and bookstores that were long procrastinated over your other priorities. Expand your world with the new information and ideas.



Lazy days call for some activities that help to pump in the adrenaline


Pump in the Adrenaline



Pair up with fitness friends over your favourite sports games to kick in the adrenaline like badminton, squash, tennis, etc. before the short day ends into the long night. You could beat boredom by staying indoors too. Get the dice rolling with your favourite board games set up to churn in some excitement with family and friends. Engage in Scrabble for a gentle vocabulary challenge, the poker game that tests your hidden skills; games like taboo, dumb charades, that sharpen your communication skills to turn a boring evening into an interesting one.


Catch up with friends with sleepover plans to exchange secrets, watch favourite movies together, download music albums, etc.


Juice your creativity



Let your creative juices flow to sail over the winter. Those who have a flair for crochet and knitting contribute to keeping traditions alive. Crocheting their way through a blanket, scarf, sweater, mittens, socks or a shawl make lovely gift articles which are extremely appreciated and remembered. They keep the mind sharp and keep the mood elevated during the dull weather. Describe the favourite activities that you have been through for the day by pinning it down to broaden your positive outlook. This wonderful habit will keep you from mulling over trivial issues that could dampen your spirits. After all “Life” is only 10% of how you make it and 90% of how you take it.


Embrace Writing



Don, your chef hat and apron to plunge your hands into ingredients to learn the art of baking. Run into the supermarket to get interesting moulds to bake cookies, muffins, pastries, trays, chocolate chips, etc to exhaust your stash of recipes through the winter. Prestige Multi Utility Air Fryer is quite handy when it comes to grilling, baking, air frying, etc. with minimum fat content to watch out for the calories.


Family members who make food so special



It is time to recreate recipes that were specialities cooked by your favourite Aunt. Make her feel special and learn the art to pass it down generations to keep the traditions alive. It could be chole, rajma, or special sweet dishes like kheer, dry fruit sweets, cashew nut burfis, etc. Other winter dishes worth mentioning would be Sweet Potato Chaat, Sonth and Methi ke Ladoo, Sarson da Saag, Mooli ke Parathe, etc to keep you in the pink of your health. To add to your culinary talent, do visit Prestige Smart Chef


Catch up with your favourite uncle to learn the art of barbecuing and make amazing tandoor items like Tandoori Murg, Fish Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Roasted and grilled vegetables, etc.



Every single day holds new magic, so how we unveil this magic will keep us enthusiastic and cheerful. The seasons keep changing bringing in warmth, cold, showers, vibrant colours and fragrances, teaching us to look forward to this winter and soak in the moments.