Food that will warm you up



When it is entirely freezing outside, it’s like your soul needs something to warm you up. And while we could down packaged mini-marshmallow hot chocolate all the day, we do not wish to abandon our quest for a healthy food, similar to a hot cup or bowl of something tasty in our hands. Are you in a mood to ogle at the tempting winter foods! To make your days entertaining with some spicy but healthy food to stay warm will be like somehow icing on the cake. This will not only make your days cheerful on a dry winter day but will keep you healthy and fresh with all its might.


Winter days are the time of temperature drop, sleeping under cosy blankets, late lazy morning days and dressing up in warm jackets in trend is not just enough to many of us. We do love to experiment with a diverse set of foods this season as in summers indigestion is very common. In winter months we try out tasty dishes which not only keep us warm and healthy but add taste to the sultry dry outside.


Let offer a bowl of Hot Soupy Kelp Noodles take the charm



Slurping down noodles hot soup in a bowl is extra satisfying when it is a cold day. Swap the usual sugar-filled noodles for kelp noodles in a chicken soup. Kelp noodles do add on extra calcium and iron to your soup. Adding up Tulsi and Ginger in your soup will make you fresh, clear your choked neck thus keep you warm and healthy warm inside.


Spice up with Chili, Onions, Dried Fruit and Nuts Recipes this Winter



Tantalizing spicy chilli is heaven when you are curled up in a minus level cold. Chili is highly a dynamic snack for staying warm and shedding extra stored pounds on the other hand. Even adding some onions will also act as a catalyst in making your days healthy with a tasty food in your hand. You can even try out making dried fruit and nuts chat for your kids to make their winter holiday tasty, balmy and healthy. Trying out interesting Dried Fruit and Nut Crostata recipe will make you the best mom to your kids.


Have a date this the jaggery and Dates this Winter



The interesting recipe for offering your guests and even family members a bowl of ghee is extremely beneficial if consumed in proper quantity. It keeps one healthy and makes the skin glow adding an oily texture to it. An old saying of adding ghee puts one weight is utterly wrong notion; in fact, ghee reduced bad fat and makes your body fit and lean in an attractive way. Dates and jaggery are appreciated as one of the best nutritious winter food which fortifies your health and keeps you warm. It acts as an excellent cleanser with reduces the excess toxins from your body offering good nutrient to your body.


Recipes to pamper yourself in winter



Trying out interesting food for a cosy and comfy winter days is what everyone wishes to enjoy. Recipes like- Peanut butter oatmeal is a sure hit when served hot. It is rich and succulent with the presence of the oatmeal with also reduced weight, thus, it is an ideal food for the people who are on diet. The fresh peanut butter taste with oats make the thick gravy soup more high spirited and tasty. Bean soup is an exceptional Italian soupy experiment that you can try out in your winter days. It incorporates fresh beans, onions, carrots and you can add your favourite corn to it. Try out with sliced bread for a healthy, light and tasty dinner.


Adding up the spices like Pepper, Turmeric, Fenugreek and even Hing can make your day utterly tasty and enjoyable. A sumptuous of these foods will make you go scampering over it till the last spoonful is consumed.


Adding it all in this Winter- Taste, Freshness and healthy living



Winter is a season of freshness and cosiness, with lots of new things to try out his season. Get over those lazy blues and pep it up your liveliness by warming up with the tasty winter foods. Tasty dishes prior the list to it. With your aura perk up those eyebrows wondering about the secret of your infective glow with some healthy food. Thus, gathering with such bountiful recipes will unveil you craze for tasty and healthy food which this season is made for. Make your winter month more delightful, tasty and healthy.