Has the Cupids arrow struck you yet


Whose heart are you going to strike this Valentine’s Day with the expression of your love. It is time to play cupid as you become ready to drop your barriers that keep you from expressing love and admiration towards your cherished ones. Every 14th February, couples, friends, family, etc make it very special with acts of love and appreciation. Demonstrations of love, respect and adoration for loved ones are vividly palpable through gifts of flowers, personally designed cards, chocolates, a bottle of champagne, etc.


How would you celebrate the spirit of Love this Valentine?


With your children



Waking up to heart shaped balloons of red, pink, purple and white colours kissing the ceiling, can get your children squealing with delight in the morning. What if they burst them in excitement and get showered with candies and little messages of love? Indeed the effort would be totally worth it.


A breakfast spread of heart shaped idlis or even heart shaped pancakes could be a pleasant surprise for a hearty meal.


A small rolled note under the glass of juice or milkshake served for breakfast could convey a riddle that could lead them to the secret hidden spot of their gift on this special day. What could that gift be? A scrap book, a teddy bear, a favourite playstation game or some geeky headphones or for that matter a bluetooth speaker!


With Family Elders



They have made every birthday occasion, festivals, picnics very memorable with their countless efforts for you. This day would be your day to express gratitude and love.

  • Take them to an erstwhile picnic spot where your grandparents had their initial romantic beginnings.
  • A popular park in full bloom with luscious fountains can be a good location for your parents to exchange fleeting glances of fondness in their eyes.
  • Get the game of antakshari rolling during the drive to a picnic spot to set the stage for a medley of retro songs to get sparks of romance flying in the air.
  • Get your uncle planting your aunt’s favourite flowers on her greying hair and freeze the moment with your camera.
  • Prepare traditional sweets like Gajar ka Halwa , Kaju Katli, Kheer, Badam Halwa, Pista Phirni, etc to make the evening special and present your sharpened skills that were passed on by your elders. Check out that proud smile broadening with a bite of your sweet delicacy.


With friends



Surprise gifts are more exhilarating on Valentine’s Day!


  • A gift of enrolling your friend in baking classes who is passionate about cooking would be a great idea.
  • Sports gear, activity tracker, smart watch, etc for a fitness freak could straighten up creased up and sweaty brows.
  • A relaxing spa coupon could send the couch potato of a friend into a hysterical frenzy.
  • Plan a romantic dinner for your friends who have just landed as a couple at an exquisite dining space especially rendered with Valentine’s’ theme for the night.
  • A collage frame which has captured memories over the years with messages that sends you into peels of laughter can be quite unconventional.


A Date redefined on Valentine’s Day



Of course this is a very special day for couples. Men choose this day to propose their lady love, or dating couples use this day as an opportunity to show how much they care and understand each other. Married couples would reinforce their bond of love in ways to show every other mundane day cannot dampen their spirit of love. Let’s see how couples can make this day very special.


  • Add a personal touch to your neglected home by decluttering it and give it a warm glow with aromatic candles lit at strategic locations. Your partner might walk in with a smitten glow to add to the romantic ambience.
  • Prepare each other’s favourite dishes at the same time, enjoying each other’s company every moment.
  • Bake a cake together to learn each other’s strength and shortcomings to understand how each of you complements one another.
  • Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without gifting each other. So go ahead and book a spa session for your loved one or gift a gym membership or some hobby classes that were put off for some reason apart from the usual flowers, jewellery, perfume and chocolates.



Valentine’s Day reminds you to spoil your loved ones like never before. The fondness, admiration, respect and love is celebrated with grandeur, to let your loved ones know how important they are in your life. So go all out and bare your heart !