Make your loved one feel special this month


You can’t go down the street at this time of the year, without noticing an unpretentious couple wrapped over each other or a window decorated with hearts of vivid colours like pink, red, purple and white; distinct colours of Valentine’s Day. It won’t be surprising to stumble upon symbols of love during this month of February, as it is dedicated towards celebration of love. Valentine’s day is that day when we all want to do something memorable and special for our loved ones. You want to go an extra mile to show them how much they mean to you.


Sometimes, simply telling someone you love them is just not enough. You need to make them feel special in more endearing ways. One of the toughest tasks is to decide on what to gift your partner. Although we have innumerable gifting options, the real task comes in when one has to decide on doing something unique and out-of-the-box. So, why not this Valentine's day pamper your loved ones by gifting them a reflection of your love?


1. Write a letter for them



In the modern age of WhatsApp, emails, and SMS’s, no one actually takes the time to write letters to each other. Write down everything you want to say to your loved one, even if it is something as ordinary as you thanking them for the way they greet you in the morning. The letter will always hold a special place in their lives and hearts.


2. Cook them a meal and indulge your day with love



Prepare a meal for them from scratch. It doesn't have to be an exotic five-course meal. Even if it is something as simple as scrambled eggs, they will appreciate the gesture. Couples who are working, miss out on being with each other and long to be together. Cooking and spending time in the kitchen together is a great way to feel intimate and also to unwind. Discover each other’s skills and pamper each other with love and affection. Discover each other’s skills and pamper each other with love and affection using the amazing range of Prestige products.


3. Take them out for a fancy dinner



One of the ways we take our loved ones for granted is by not making the effort to go out and do things together, we are often so caught up with our lives that we forget to take some time out for our loved ones. Get out of the routine of hanging out in pajamas every day, and take them out for dinner at their favorite restaurant.


4. Surprise them with something they have always wanted.



Pay attention to what they want, and then get them that. The greater the surprise element, the more meaningful it is. While providing for the family and building a home together, we often let go of our aspirations. Are they a sports fan? Music lover? Can’t get enough of stand-up comedy shows? Whatever live event they love, surprise them with the tickets of the upcoming event.


5. Help them with the daily chores, even when they don't ask for help.



Whether they are working on a new project, or wanting to have an in-house garden or doing chores around the house, offer them a helping hand. Sharing of tasks lessens the load on your partner thereby giving room for relaxation and quality time together. It could be anything, like taking out the garbage, opening the door to the house staff in the morning, lending a hand at gardening, buying or ordering groceries in or for that matter to prepare a surprise meal, could do wonders to a relationship. This will let them know that their goals are just as important to you. So make her feel little extra special by helping her cleaning up the kitchen using Prestige Clean Home


6. Spend a day, just with them. No phones, No laptops



A day without, your gadgets, your messengers - Whatsapp and Facebook and getting out of the lazy couch, is a very small price to pay for just how special and appreciated your loved one will feel when you give them your undivided attention.


Always remember that there is enough love in each of our hearts to heal the world, and not just our own personal relationship. We have simply forgotten this as we all strive to get bigger, better and to get somewhere. But usually, when we get there and have these things, we realize that love is the one feeling that we missed out on.



“Love doesn’t leave you but you leave love”


So put on your thinking caps and set the mood right this Valentine. A candle light meal with gentle music in the background can melt hearts in the warm glow of love. Spread the love and cheer, to reminisce those loving moments in all times to come.