Expressing Love with Prestige


Imagine! Just the thought of a candlelit meal, flowers, the sound of classic love melodies can get your heart racing, then what would the actual ambience do to you? Never mind! Let’s actually get into indulging in the celebration of love! After all, it is Valentine’s Day fast approaching.


The Story behind this Day



Valentine’s Day has its roots in ancient Rome. During the third century, it's alleged that Roman Emperor Claudius II believed single men made better soldiers than those with wives, so he outlawed marriage for all young men, believing it would provide him with a stronger army. A priest by the name of Valentine disagreed with claudius theory and continued to perform marriage ceremonies behind his back. Unfortunately, Claudius discovered this and ordered Valentine to be executed for his betrayal.


Regardless of the fact that if the story is actually true or not, Valentine's Day has become one of the most well-established occasions on the modern calendar, with over 1 billion Valentine cards being exchanged each year.


Leaving no stones unturned every couple works harder to make Valentine’s day very special for each other, in spite of a busy schedule running up to this special day.


Modern Day Celebrations



If you haven’t made a dinner reservation at a restaurant yet, let me stop you right there. It’s just not necessary! You can cook at home and make something totally delicious for your dude (or your lady) at home and skip that idea. Plus, when you make romantic meals for two at home, you can wear sweatpants and end the night on the couch watching Netflix. Because nobody really likes wearing heels on aching feet or to waste time on a dress to hide bulges, right?


Nothing can beat a romantic meal for 2 in the luxurious comfort of your home. The preparation of the meal itself can give you such a high, that the effort behind it becomes a jubilant affair. Every effort put into it becomes a gift by itself because it is from the heart.


Give crowded restaurants and loud cafes a miss this valentine, instead indulge in some restaurant style home cooked, soul food with your soulmate.


We bring you 5 of our most seductive recipes, so you can experience and share love, through the trail of food this valentine! Come let us prepare some quick and easy recipes using the wide range of Prestige Products



Air Fried Chicken Wings - Chicken wings can get really messy to eat and that’s probably what makes it fun too. The marinade with the freshness of coriander is a lovely delicacy. These air fried chicken wings are perfect for weight watchers and an ideal accompaniment for your Valentine’s Day television dinner.


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Sure Shot Chocolate -Our confidence in this recipe is apparent by the name rendered to it. A mix of chocolate and coffee, this drink is lip-smacking by itself, but you can add a dash of your favorite spirit to each shot to heat things up for Valentines!


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Warm Thai Noodles and Papaya Salad - This recipe is everything you can ask for in a meal or at least in a salad. Silky glass noodles accompanied with tart strands of raw papaya, hot chillies, brown sugar, saltiness from fish sauce and crunchy peanuts. Add in more quantity of glass noodles and make this a complete meal. Try using chopsticks for a fun experience, but we are pretty sure you’ll soon go back to your forks so you can get a bigger mouthful of this in each bite!


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Coriander Fish-This is a lovely way to cook fish and really get some wonderful Indian flavors working. The aromatics are subtle enough to still enjoy the fish. And the masala paste is fresh and fragrant made with green coriander leaves (and stalks) to produce a unique paste.


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Subz Korm- Imagine the appreciation from your loved one when you serve up a luscious and luxurious, restaurant quality Korma. You can boast over the painstaking process of getting all the wonderful ingredients together, carefully crafting the sauce and braising the meat for hours. It really is a labor of love.


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Ok, that’s it! Try these romantic meals for two at home this Valentine’s Day and let us know how it goes!