Celebrating spring with Prestige Smart Chef


Spring is here in all its glory, so come let us all cherish and celebrate the season of freshness with Prestige Smart Chef. Spring provides us a diversity of new colours and with that a variability of nutrients which help us to become bright and energetic. Desirable fruits like bananas, cherries, grapefruit, lemons, melons and a wide variety of coloured veggies avocado, beans, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms and peas are the attractions of spring, so keep your eyes wide open while going for shopping for these seasonal choices.


The essence of any season cannot be completed without enjoying some mouth-watering delicacies of that particular season. While spring is considered as the season of love and freshness, we can’t disagree to the fact that any love or any freshness is incomplete without food. Hence prestige brings you some few very quick recipes which will enhance the brightness of springtime.


Talking about the fruits and vegetables of spring, and immediately the king of fruit, the delicious Mango comes to mind. Mangoes bring in a sense of joy to the soul for everyone through the versatility it brings in every desert.



From sweet and tangy ‘Mango Cucumber Salsa’ with a zest of lime to ‘Mango Lassi’, from ‘Mango Mocktail’ to ‘Mango Pickles’ and of course how can we go through the summer without the ‘Mango Ice-cream’! There are umpteen ways to relish this fruit and to turn your meals interesting. So beat the heat, stay cool and energised with a sense of contentment this summer with this delicious and comforting and soothing fruit.


Quick Recipes


1. Lemony Collard Greens Pasta



It's a super quick, bold and delight version of pasta dish which can be enjoyed on a spring afternoon lunch. It is tossed with thinly sliced and stirred collard greens, lemon juice, pine nuts and spices and cheese which makes this recipe an extra rich.


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2. Easy one-pot chicken casserole



If you are a diehard chicken fan and can’t resist yourself when it comes to chicken you can definitely try this amazingly unique recipe which is really quick and saves your time. Enjoy a romantic spring dinner with this beautiful dish.


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3. blueberry soup



Spring signifies freshness. And what better can you ask for than some amazingly delicious blueberries incorporated in a whole new form and presented to you as a soup. So this spring, allow yourself to rejuvenate with the essence of blueberries in this wonderful and unique soup recipe.


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4. Cheesy Chicken Noodle and Broccoli Soup



This one is one of the easiest soup recipes with the rich flavour of cheese and broccoli that you can treat yourself with. This 3-ingredient unique soup gets ready in just 10 minutes. Serve the soup with garlic breads or croissant for a perfect dinner or lunch.


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5. Avocado Lassi



Fresh fruits are one of the reasons why we love springtime the most. What more joy can your life get if you treat yourself with some amazingly yummy lassi with an all new ingredient. Yes now with this one add avocado in your lassi and experience an all new flavour.


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