Spring Cleaning Tips-You Need



There cannot be a better time than spring to pamper your home with a good and thorough cleaning exercise. None of us want dirt, dust or other unhygienic elements in our home. All of these cause your home to look unattractive as well as let diseases creep into your joyous family abode. It is obvious that ultimately this will lead to unhappiness and discomfort.


Other than the regular cleaning routine, which everyone practices at home, there are other special cleaning procedures that need to be implemented occasionally at periodic intervals i.e.- carpet cleansing, dry-cleaning of drapes etc. These duties can be done at home during spring time to keep the home dirt free and thereby germ-free. This deep cleansing of your home is also frequently referred to as spring cleaning and is a popular global practice.


So, let’s discover on how you can make your home look attractive again with these proficient spring cleaning techniques that also save you time.


Keep the doormats welcoming



Wash and clean the doormats properly with a broom. Give them the hardest washing they can probably have. The doormats are something that attracts the visitor’s eyes in no time. This is a good time to inspect your doormat and take necessary actions and make sure it's still in decent state. Vacuum clean the doormats with Prestige Vacuum Cleaner and the Prestige Steam Cleaner in regular interval to clean the deeply entrenched dirt that can’t be cleaned by shaking alone. After this you can sprinkle in rub baking soda onto the mat to deodorize it. The baking soda can later be rinsed off with water.


Clean the carpets and furniture


Fabrics that have captured their share of winter dust and germs will surely need a deep clean to make them ready for another year. When you’re cleaning carpets or furniture with a Prestige Vacuum Cleaner or Prestige Steam Cleaner, use horizontal as well as vertical strokes to get all the dirt out. You can use the nozzle attachment to reach hard to access areas of the carpet under cabinets or other furniture.


For tough stains you can sprinkle baking soda or a carpet shampoo and wipe the area rigorously with a clean white cloth. You can then leave the carpet over night with the baking soda for at least 30 minutes or better still overnight. You can then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda off the carpet. If you are trying this the first time then make sure that first you practice first in a more or less hidden part to check if the action won’t harm the colour of fabrics or cause any damage.


Check the demo videos of Prestige Vacuum Cleaner and Prestige Steam Cleaners at ttkprestige.com


Your floor matters



To keep the floors in your home safe from another year of dirt and dust, apply the best floor cleaner for sweeping. You can use the Prestige Floor Polisher for the immediate results check the demonstration video click here . Use a floor cleaner that cleans, polishes on a regular basis. If your floor is wooden than move furniture and carpets aside, then apply a wood cleaner and polish them. Regular cleaning will keep the look fresh and add a defensive shield to your floor.


Clean ceiling and window gears



It is difficult to maintain ceiling fans and air conditioners hence it is very important to clean them as frequent as possible. Eliminate the dirt from your ceiling fans and air-conditioner vents with the Prestige Spray Mop. Also for cleaning the home windows, you can use the Prestige Squeeze Mop to get the best of results for your spring cleaning. Watch the demo videos of the Prestige Spray Mop and the Prestige Squeeze Mop here.


Feel free to hire an Expert



There are very few things which is as nourishing as an amazing looking home, but that is not possible unless your home is cleaned really well. Sometimes get a professional cleaning service to do this for you is a better choice for you, given today’s hectic work schedules. These service providers come with equipment and do a thorough job, leaving your home with a sparkling new look.


Use the Clean Home range of Products



Prestige offers a wide variety of clean home range of products which not only helps you get rid of the dirt in your home but also promises to enhance the look and feel of your living place. So make sure this spring season, you will make optimum use of the Prestige Clean Home range to clean up your home and say hello to a ‘Clean Home’.