Success in school is fortified at home


Success in school is fortified at home. The days running up to the examinations are as crucial as the examination days itself. Parents can do wonders by being supportive and encouraging, rather than popping out eyes and giving shocking responses when you see them taking a breather. To begin with, gain their total confidence that you completely believe in them. With such an attitude on display, your child would lean on you for support and motivation.


Let’s look at ways parents can make themselves valuable for their little ones who according to them never seem to grow up. Not fair to them though! They are actually radiating the parents ability in different ways that have actually superseded them. This is one thought that should always precede our interaction with them which would automatically radiate respect and admiration for them.


Thoughtful ways of parents



Breeze into their rooms from time to time

Make your presence felt from time to time, by breezing into their rooms with a beaming smile to show your confidence that they are indeed sweating it out. If you see those anxious looks while studying , gently give them suggestions that would help them to access the right resources of study materials. Audiovisual resources could just help die down the nervous quiver that was obstructing the smooth flow of academic progression. A stress-free environment at home can help the child to use his or her potential to the maximum and reinforce his self confidence.


Small things go a long way



  • Break the boredom -You could just share a small joke or a clip of a comedy show to lift their spirits.
  • Play the Curtain raiser -Open up the curtains and let a waft of breeze throw out the stale mood out of the room. Let the scents and fragrances of spring leave a cheery ambience to move ahead with a refreshed outlook.
  • Refreshments when least expected - Get in cold milkshakes made with seasonal fruits to pull up the dipping energy levels. Fresh lime and soda, Cola floats can be such welcoming treats to keep them going.
  • Throw in surprises - You could even call their best friend and give them a pleasant surprise to take a breather.
  • Ease the space - When they are away taking a shower, you could tidy up their room and give them additional space to help them ease their oversaturated minds.
  • Encourage where they need a gentle nudge - If they are shying away from asking for help from their tutors, you could gently nudge them to take the bold step.
  • Nothing like Chocolates - Chocolate treats quipped in during the late night hours can elevate their spirits too.



  • Be their sunrise not just an alarm clock - Do check with them if they need to be woken up and be supportive when they want to snooze in a bit longer.
  • Hugs and squeezes are most welcome -Showering in hugs and reassuring squeezes of shoulders can get the grit and determination going at a steady pace.
  • Encourage enough hours of sleep- If your child gets enough rest, he would be better prepared with the alertness and sharp memory recall that he would require.
  • A few deep breaths can calm a nervous mind - For him to bring forth the best on his written paper, instill this awareness in him, that everything he has learnt is in there somewhere stored in his memory that will come to him naturally when he learns to remain calm. Not to panic and jolt his memory.
  • Sumptuous meals with all time favourites - Prepare eggs in forms which your child likes, garnish dishes with additional goodies like french fries or wedges, get cheese into dosas and pavs to add a fresh zest into dishes like Kheema pav or pav bhaji for that matter. Prepare fish curries in various styles to entice their taste buds, nourishing vegetable stews with appams, get interesting vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms to make mouth watering cheesy pastas, etc. This will keep their brain power all charged up to handle the trying days.
  • Get some nuts crackling too - A nutty crunch in homemade kheer, in whole wheat ladoos, having soaked nuts can be quite nourishing when had by itself. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, dates, etc are quite nourishing brain foods.
  • Keep your cherished ones well hydrated -Fresh coconut water, seasonal fruit juices, salted buttermilk with crushed fresh cumin and pepper powder can cool down systems and maintain a good electrolyte balance.



In the end of the day, it is not about satisfying your expectations towards his or her preparation and performance. It is about keeping yours and your children’s nerves calm and sober. Instead of wanting to see your child chained to his desk most of the times, encourage him or her to go out for fresh air, play a sport with friends or go for a swim, catch an ice cream at their favourite ice cream joint, etc. Giving them room to grow would be to let the children make their mistakes rather than not letting them falter and fall. The openness in attitude would allow them to learn first hand which would steer them to success. So it should be you telling them, “ Take a chill pill” rather than you hearing it from them.