Summer Crafts


Make a roundup of summer crafts


Summer season is here which means for several of us, our home shall be a slight more eventful and whole lot flashier throughout the day. Even if you are travelling, or sending your kids to a spring camp, or maybe you are still struggling for finding activities for your little ones to keep them engaged!


Making an unforgettable spring vacation doesn’t mean that it has to be luxurious also. Sometimes a little exciting crafts and open-air activities make for an overwhelming connection time with your kids that lasts long.


Get crafty this summer season - let the creative juices flow



Individuals have the characteristic capability to make and nurture, but most, face trouble imagining what they can do as it can take a great amount of energy to focus correctly. So, if you are trapped in the mud and left yourself unimaginative, take out your own creative juices with something that will benefit you to let go of all the stress and makes let your mind rejuvenate.


Everyone loves a rainbow! The Rainbow Cotton Ball Painting activity is something which refreshes your soul and add a lot of fun, appears astonishing and gives your children the chance to practice and mature their motor skills excels their creative side.


Spend some time with your kids



Find the perfect campsite for your family to spend some time together during summer. Make sure that you have a camp tent and some sleeping bags and bring sufficient vegetarian food for your trip. And if you all don’t fall into the category of adventurous family, you can surely fly a kite with your child which will not only be quite a playful and creative way of spending the spring time but also will bring you closer to your child.


Get your hands dirty - Do Gardening



During summer our gardens undergoes a transformation from gloomy-looking, dead coverings into promising, growing parts full of activity and promise. The plants and flowers in the garden already look attractive. Even when you put in a slight effort into gardening, the nature will double it within itself. And furthermore, growing your own plants connects you with other people. So, take your entire family to your garden even if it is the smallest one and do some gardening together. Put some fresh spring plants so that the nature gives you in plenty in future.


Re Decorate your house - Use the falling leaves and dried flowers to decorate your house



If you love decorating your home and want to try something new this summer season, you can surely use the real falling leaves and dried flowers. It will not only give your home a unique summer look but also this medium of interior decoration is cost friendly. So, make an optimum use of spring flowers, dried leaves to give your living space a swanky look.



Do you ever get the desire to just to get engrossed in fresh basil? Then you should definitely try some fresh herb potpourri for yourself to take your soul to the joy of next level. Potpourri during spring season are one of the best creative things you can do to get away from your regular life as it cultivates your mind and soothes your soul.


So, this spring celebrate the freshness of life exploring your creative side with Prestige.