Fun in the sun


Eat correct, Stay active this summer


Summer is the time when you want to spend more of a quality time with your friends and family and maintaining your health and energy levels for all those outdoor activities becomes important. Now when the summer is in all its glory, how would you keep yourself fit without crumpling from the heat?


As it gets hotter, It is very easy to feel fatigue in the summers as the body is working hard to keep itself cool. The blood vessels dilate to help the blood flow more near the skin to enable temperature control. This heat exchange from our blood vessels, drains us of our energy. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to take precautions during summer time so that you can comfortably spend your summer time with your loved ones.


Here's what you should do to keep yourself healthy, energetic and fit throughout the hot summer months.


Drink a slushie or milkshake to keep going



In order to outspread your stamina during summer to stay cool, drink an ice slushie or fruit milk shake before activities to increases endurance. Children love milkshakes and while teenagers and adults tend to go for ice slushies though a milkshake is anyday a more nutritious choice.


You can use the Prestige blender or the Prestige slow juicer for making the ice slushie and milkshakes to get the best result.


Keep Your Body Hydrated



It's very significant to stay properly hydrated during the summertime, and you can actually do it by following a simple method. Ideally, start drinking water after every 30 mins in a day to keep your body hydrated which will help you to stay away from a lot of summer infections and illnesses.


You can now use Prestige Tattva Water Purifier for drinking the purest form of water energised by the goodness of natural elements like copper and brass. Powerful anti microbial properties of Copper and Brass remove bacteria and provide added health benefits.



Eat correct to maintain the balance



Eat correct during the summertime, as the human body during summer has the tendency to dehydrate a lot of water due to heat and sweat. Therefore it is very important for everyone to eat the right sort of diet so that you can stay healthy.


Always keep basic staples in your home kitchen, so that you are always ready for an easy, quick meal. It doesn't even cost you that much. To eat well, you don’t have to indulge yourself in expensive foods items. Keep it simple.


Prestige SmartChef brings you some of the best healthy summer recipes which will help you be at your best during this summer 


The Green Mango Booster



If you like this amazing combination of banana and mango, you’ll surely going to love this naturally energy-boosting smoothie.


Add green mangoes along with the bananas in a Prestige Blender and blend until smooth.


The Ginger Peach shake This fresh combination of peaches, ginger, and coconut water will make you all energized and hydrated, naturally.


Add all the ingredients into a Prestige blender and blend it till it thickens.


Mango Blueberry Protein Smoothie


Mangoes and blueberries goes really well together. Mangoes are the kind of fruit that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants, while vitamin-packed blueberries have a lot of phytonutrients, which keeps your body away from a lot of diseases.


Add mangoes and blueberries in the Prestige slow juicer, add milk and sugar and prepare the delicious healthy smoothie for a rejuvenating refreshment.