Discover yourself this summer


It is time to erase the word boredom out of your vocabulary and just spend time with the world’s best person this summer holidays! Yes, that is absolutely you. It is time to meet the ever evolving and flexible character that stayed hidden from your purview because you just forgot to notice. Smart devices keep us engaged and actually it can be described as a roller coaster ride, where in it takes you to heights of excitement and when the ride is over, you feel empty. This results us in drowning in boredom and we seek for the next exciting activity which enslaves us to these smart gadgets. It is time to become independent and throw dependency off your nearest cliff. The hike is quite worth it !


1. Have fun with colours - let your creation weave magic on a canvas instead of depending on a “ Draw Something app”. You might start out with no clue and end up with a miraculous creation and hear the self-talk going - Did I really do this?



2. Explore the unexplored using an actual map and not the google maps. Let the trails speak for themselves on your adventure. Set out on your bike, go jogging to clear the cobwebs of thoughts by embracing nature along the way. Give the feel good hormone a chance to spike up to let happiness tickle through your veins by just walking through a park or around a lake.



3. Try locating a new spot that you have not visited in your city and surprise yourself with its hidden facets. It could be an important heritage site, or a dormant waterfalls that has sprung to life, or a palace that has aroused your curiosity behind its history, or a newly renovated park, etc.


4. Are the puzzles collecting must in a forgotten stashable corner? You might discover the mounting excitement when your eyes begin to gauge the shapes, sizes and outline of the pieces of incomplete parts of an entire scene that demand for a compelling culmination.


5. It is time to gang up with your friends for a musical night where you play all time favourites that somehow got pushed into a distant memory due to inevitable chores. You could play DJing and swoon into the night.



6. It would be a great time to put your culinary skills into action because your family and friends got to know that they have taken you too lightly so far. Your Oven Toaster Griller can stand the test of your potential to come out with scrumptious meals that can leave jaws to gape in awe. Churn out some flavoured and toasted nuts like cinnamon, saffron or honey coated Almonds that are welcome always. Bruschettas that would entice taste buds erasing years all of a sudden, that your cherished ones would come running asking for more. Go the Mexican way and get the awesome Tex- Mex Quesadillas percolating a quiet evening inviting excitement in. Bake some Tortilla Chips for the calorie conscious and watch them disappear with sheepish grins. Spin your charm by serving them with most exquisite dips. Oatmeal Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chip cookies, etc may not see the light of the day when you bake them with your heart.


7. Delightful Concoctions - It is Milkshake time with mangoes, litchis, pineapples, etc playing peekaboo with your sight during this season. Reach out for the Hand Blender and feel in absolute command. Prepare delicious, rich and flavoursome concoctions that don’t need any added sugar to make them sinful. The nourishing fruits of the season would nurture and keep you cool for the hot season. Steal fulfilling smiles while the cream slathered around the mouths are wiped clean once the shake is gulped down greedily. Become the adult for a change and tell your family that they are in for a treat for being good.


8. Get instrumental - Learn to play your favourite instrument or tune your voice to rhythmic tunes with singing lessons, that can be played or voiced at special occasions for your most special ones in near future. Don’t forget to capture the overwhelming expressions that will remain etched in all times to come.



Summer is that special time of the year that brings out the hidden potential within you in full bloom. This is when you get to explore, experiment, develop and grow in arenas that seemed like a distant dream. Discover your interests and pursue them such that they culminate into happy revelations and you fill find one thing leads to the other, to find yourself shedding away your inhibitions in no time. So get hooked to an INDEPENDENT YOU this summer and not to your smart enslaving devices.