Ways to Protect Your Dream Home during Rains


Call it showers or heavy downpour, the monsoon season just adds that kind of fervour, that our hearts start beating to the rhythm of the raindrops. For no obvious reason you feel the desire to peek out of the windows, open your main door ajar to let the moist wind rush into your home to spread the earthy fragrance.



Apart from dancing in the rain, finding excuses to shop for rain gear like umbrellas, windcheaters, apt monsoon footwear, drying hangers for your clothesline, etc, you become prudent in taking special care of your home, to keep it well protected, safe, hygienic and clean during the monsoons.

Here are some of the ways you can be completely prepared for the monsoon season and to sail through smoothly too:


A well protected home



Rains are welcome when they shower on the vast expanse of land. But not inside the house for sure! Ensure waterproofing is done before the rains, to seal in all the cracks to protect your lovely home from any form of leakage. You don’t want to  place unsightly buckets collecting trickles initially and gentle showers later on.



There should be no stagnated water in your front yard or around your home. especially in the garden areas, as these invite malaria causing mosquitoes and a host of dangerous pests and infections.


Clog free Drainage system


A clog free drainage system will keep water from stagnating, thus they should be checked well in advance, before the rains, so that you don’t fall prey to diseases and foul smelling odours emanating from them.


Rain Water Harvesting


The rain water harvesting system should be in a functional order to make the most of your natural resource - water. Well maintained gutters would also keep your foundations intact for a long time to come.


A neat and hygienic home



Place a neat footwear rack outdoors near the main door to prevent bringing in of germs and mud along with the footwear into the house. Monsoon footwear apt for the weather should be worn to protect your feet and to prevent you from slipping and having a fall.

Keep your home sparkling clean and free from germs during this season with Prestige Hero Electric Mop. This deep cleaning expert of your home not only sweeps, but also scrubs and mops with consistent fresh and clean water by reaching wide areas with its extra long cord.

Damp and humid weather favours easy breeding of germs during this season. Prestige Clean Home Dynamo Steam Cleaner is a device that converts water into high pressured steam which miraculously disinfects your kitchen, bathrooms, walls, windows, floors, metallic furniture, etc without the use of chemicals.


As the monsoon is infamously known for waterborne diseases, it is a wise decision to stick to home cooked food and to drink pure and safe water at home. Prestige Water Purifier Copper Tattva, provides germ free water with the goodness of boosting immunity and enhancing digestion with its copper storage container.

The atmosphere within home gets stale and humid during the monsoons, which tends to hold onto pollutants, allergens, disease causing germs more strongly. Prestige Air Purifier would make you feel the difference immediately keeping your family well protected from diseases by getting rid of all kinds of germs, pollutants and bad odours with complete ease.


Small Things go a long way


Small things go a long way during the monsoons. It is best to enjoy the season in all its grandeur and at the same time to maintain your home favourably to accommodate both predictable and unpredictable situations without an outbreak of panic.  Monsoons bring in joy to get your spirits to soar high into avenues that you have always dreamed of. So go ahead and let your dreams take wings to alight at your destinati