Indoor times being the fun times


Do you guys feel a bit under the weather because of the rainy season? Or annoyed because the rains have spoilt your entire day plans? Don’t let it “rain” get on your nerves and dim your sunshine, by trying out these in-home activities during the monsoon season.


1. Dedicate your time for skin care


Now is the time to try the different hacks you have seen on various online platforms. You can go from a simple refreshing mask that may take about 10 to 15 minutes of your day or spend a few hours in a 10-step Korean skin care routine. It’s up to you and your resources’ availability. Remember to have a thorough research before going for any new product.


2. Play some non-digital game


All you need to do is, take some time out from your computer or mobile screens and play a game that involves no devices instead. It could be your good old game of chess or Ludo or even scrabbles. But do not forget to count your family in!


3.Some fun Movie time!


When the weather conditions are melancholy enough, line up some happy and feel-good movies with your favourite microwaveable flavoured popcorn. If you’re a true movie buff, level up your movie playlist with some exciting Hollywood or film festival movie list.


4. Grab some Nap time!


As most of us have a very tight schedule during the entire week, this kind of unexpected cancellation of work or classes becomes an instantaneous occasion for us to get an extra hour or two of sleep, take this as a chance to pay some of your sleep debts.



5. Catch up on your favourite shows


Use your free time of being under house arrest during the rains by indulging yourself into watching your favourite tv shows.


6. Indulge in Monsoon Treats



It is the time when you want to let your diet chart be more accomodating. And the best thing that all of us would want to do indoors during the monsoon is to prepare a plate full of samosas and hot bhajias being air fried instead of deep fried and of course enjoy them with our loved ones.


7. Have a productive crafternoon


Been trying to find time to redecorate your home, but it seems like way out of your budget? The Internet is a wide sea of creative ideas and online lessons for refurbishing all parts of your home. It would be best if you spend the morning establishing and categorizing stuff that you don’t use any longer and repurpose them in crafty ways.


8. Sweat it out




Just because its rainy season and you cannot afford to go out, does not mean you should stop yourself from doing any physical activity. The wet and gloomy weather tends to turn you into a couch potato and what if it continues for days, you might as well take full advantage of the comforts of your home to sweat your way to fitness by doing some power yoga and pranayama in the morning.


9. Go online shopping!


You can definitely look for some current trendy online fashion deals offered by your favourite online shopping platforms. Some of them also announce attractive rainy-day promos, which are specially meant for this season’s attires, gears, among others. Reserve your time and enjoy the expediency of having stuff you bought for yourself and your family being delivered to your doorstep.


10. Read a book while sipping your favourite coffee


Try and engross yourself into a good book that you have been wanting to finish for a long time, so enjoy it with the soothing sound of the rain slowly beating on your window.


To enjoy the essence of the rainy season indoors, there are a whole lot of things you can do with the ones you love. Use your charged enthusiasm and some free time on your lap joyfully during the monsoon season. You will surely find a lot of ways to make your rainy indoor time a worthy one.