Family is all about sharing and caring!


A brand that stands tall on the foundation of principles like safety, trust, innovation and durability is bound to grow not only in spaces of kitchen, cleaning solutions and home appliances but also in millions of hearts who care for their loved ones. Prestige has carved that niche in almost every household that we can see why this tagline rings such a bell of deep understanding - “Jo apno se kare pyaar , woh Prestige se kaise kare Inkaar.”


The legacy of trust

The legacy of trust has been built through endearing years where families have embraced Prestige kitchenware so close to their hearts that they don’t let go of their Prestige cookware which have ruled their kitchens for generations together.  


Women of today



The brand has thoughtfully created innovative products from time to time to make life easy and simple not only for a homemaker but also for women who balance between work and home. Prestige offers kitchen and home solutions that have helped today’s women to face challenges boldly rather than succumbing to pressures easily. Prestige kitchen and home appliances are user friendly, energy and time saving and extremely easy to maintain.


Plush and modern kitchen



An amazing range of products from Prestige allow you to turn an ordinary kitchen into an efficient and modern one thus fulfilling a cherished dream for every home maker. With every single innovation Prestige has strived to make your kitchen not only the centre of attraction but also plush and modern.


Circle of Love




Putting a dish together no longer takes an eternity but also invites your family to partake responsibilities with interest and love. The comfort, convenience, affordability, safety and trust of products draw family members together to contribute in every way to run their homes smoothly.  Spouses who are not adept at cooking or in sharing chores are today more than willing to shoulder home responsibilities. Children are all ready to bake, grill and cook pizzas or even make dosas to showcase their art of cooking.



The multitasking solutions of several products offered by Prestige makes it a brand of choice for our consumers too. For example, you can saute, fry, steam, boil and pressure cook in one and the same cookware. One appliance is meant to take care of multiple chores with complete ease.


Gift to your loved ones

“Kitchen sets” which complete your kitchen with basic utility and most used items, make way to the homes of your loved ones through lovely gift hampers making every occasion very special, which maybe a housewarming, for a newly married couple, various festivals throughout the year, or just gifting itself becomes a special occasion.


Encompass your family with health



Maintaining your home in a healthy and hygienic environment is made possible with select innovative products of Prestige. ( Pics of Air Purifier, Typhoon vacuum cleaner, Flip-bins, Tattva Water Purifier , Air Fryer). Pure drinking water with benefits of improving immunity and health are a part of your home today. Least amount of dust, pollutants in your home is again one of the best ways to keep your family well protected and healthy always.


Prestige believes in progressive living, not in depriving yourself of things to always keep your enthusiasm and spirits high. Air fried snacks replace the deep fried ones to enjoy every occasion and season to the fullest without any guilt nagging at the back of your mind anymore.


“Jo apno se kare pyaar , woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar”, is not just a tagline, but a sincere effort of the brand being passionately carried out to make every home a cosy space where love blazes with warmth keeping the flames of family values and culture lit always.