Raksha Bandhan - An oath to protect


It is time to celebrate the bond of love on the auspicious full moon day of the month of Shravan. You guessed it right!  It’s the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, which falls on August 26th this year. Siblings wander in malls and explore their favourite shops to be able to gift each other and make it as special as possible on this occasion.


The significance of Raksha Bandhan



 As the name suggests, Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of the unsaid promise that every brother makes to his sister, to stand by her and protect her through all the hurdles of life. It’s the promise to cherish the good times and fight against all odds with togetherness. It's a day to remember the sweet little moments of childhood when the world was nothing but a large playground to foster dreams together.


Does distance matter on Raksha Bandhan?


Traditionally, a sacred thread of love called Rakhi is tied on the brother’s wrist, on this day. If the brother-sister duo is geographically far, being located in different states, cities or countries, this day holds special to make the miles disappear. The phones ring with a different jingle, the doorbell sets a different pace to the heartbeat, the unexpected gifts or even the surprise visits, reaffirms the brotherly and sisterly love on this day, regardless of age and distance. Married sisters are continued to be pampered on this day by a special visit of their brothers at their homes to celebrate their eternal love. 


A festival that has encompassed the world in a Bond



Raksha Bandhan is not just confined to brothers and sisters. Feelings of love and goodwill are strengthened outside the kin circle where near and dear ones celebrate, marking this auspicious day with utmost dedication irrespective of religion, caste, creed or colour. It is a beautiful way to promote cultural harmony.


Flavours of the festival



Lip smacking delicacies like Instant Rabdi, Special Shahi Tukra, Annam Payasam, Dry Fruit Besan Laddoo, Kaju Katli, etc add to the sweetness of the festival which is already brimming with a heightened spirit of adoration.


Puja Thali



A silver decorated thali which includes a small handful of Akshat ( rice), Kumkum ( Roli), an unbroken Coconut, Diya (lamp) to perform aarti, a Kalash filled with water, Rakhi ( sacred thread) and last but not the least, sweet to add flavour to the festival.


The significance of Puja Articles

The celebration is begun with the application of kumkum by the sister on her brother’s forehead,  followed by the application of akshat over the kumkum which encourages a positive impact in his life.  Kumkum signifies the value of self-esteem and respect she holds for her dear brother. The essence of offering the coconut lies in the well being, happiness and success in her brother’s life. It is called Shriphal, the very fruit from Goddess Lakshmi. Arti is performed along with earnest prayers and Rakhi is tied around the wrist with the belief that her brother would protect her life-long and the sister's love would seal their sweet bond forever.


After the puja, the brother feels abundantly blessed with his sister’s prayers and lavishly showers gifts on her. The bond of protection ties individuals in a knot of eternal love and security. It is a day to come together to re-live moments of joy and love and promote a feeling of oneness and harmony.