Declutter your home


A home is a place which defines freedom, serenity and space. But what if the space looks haphazard, difficult and unsightly. This starts playing on your mind and starts growing on you where in you begin to procrastinate or start getting disinterested or randomness starts seeping into your nature. Excess things come in the way of using useful things, that we end up getting demotivated to change things for the better. Cleaning becomes a cumbersome task and we get into the vicious cycle of procrastinating.


Take back control and be in charge of a beautiful home




The stagnant state of affairs, makes way for a stale and sluggish atmosphere. This is not the end of the world but a wake up call to make your home beautiful and clutter free. To revitalise with free flowing vital energy, we need to get rid of things that have not been used for a long time or which keep taking a backseat for a future use. In Fact, this makes way for fresh and new articles that your home can rely on for smooth functioning.




Organizing home would be a collective affair wherein every family member contributes lovingly to take care of routine chores without causing commotion and confusion. A happy family is one which knows where the utility items are kept, when they run out of it and about anything that is broken down and requires fixing. It sounds far fetched but it would take quality time and commitment to get everything in order. Let’s shed light on some of the things that would run your life in order.

  1. A key holder where it would be the entire family’s responsibility to hang up the keys of their vehicle's’, the main door’s, the garage’s, the pantry’s for example in place and not to absentmindedly place them anywhere randomly.

  2. There should be a tool kit that is accessible to all and maintained in one allotted place.

  3. To get the family involved, one of them could take up the errand of shopping for chic laundry baskets for every bathroom to encourage collection of laundry clothes instead of them piling up unhygienically in a corner. The same would apply to other utility items as well.

  4. Shopping bags should be stored in a particular cabinet that you can access quickly when rushing out for shopping errands. And to hoard a couple of them in your car always.

  5. There should be an alloted drawer close to the dining area to stash away fresh and clean hand napkins for everyday use.

  6. Clocks whose batteries have run out should be replenished with new ones immediately. Stalled articles restrict free flowing vital energy. Broken items should be discarded away to bring in advanced replacements to serve you better.

  7. Malfunctioning devices like non functioning mixer grinders, irons, old and dented pressure cookers, peeled out non-stick cookware should be replaced with new ones to take sheer pleasure in using them.

  8. To add sticky notes on the refrigerator, to put down the names of articles that are slowly dwindling down to be able to make the shopping list. For example, running out sugar, tea, coffee, toiletries, laundry detergent, kitchen towels, etc.


How to get positivity and sunshine in?





Prosperity, abundance, clarity, harmony, love, peace, success and happiness defines your world. The way to feel complete and happy is to exude what you seek. If it is wealth, give out monetary help to the needy and feel gratitude for all your blessings. If it is love that you seek, exude love and it comes back to you in plenty.

Energize a particular living space in your home with meditative energy to charge your atmosphere with vibrations of purity, clarity, power, love and peace to soothe and cocoon your family in a vibrant energy field.



Add colour and cheer to your space




Give meaning and vibrance to your space. Bring in a shade of yellow to your meditation or prayer room to illuminate and spark up your spirit. Green spreads the energy of growth and flexibility, with that in mind you could hang a painting displaying nature’s bounty in all its glory. Get a bunch of red flowers near your main door to welcome good fortune and dynamic energy to your home.



A neat and clean home is everyone’s pride



Encouraging results with minimum effort would inspire a family to keep their home neat and clean. A handy vacuum cleaner for thorough dry and wet cleaning would just add the sparkle to your home. Dirt, dust and grime often give rise to stagnation in a home and with best cleaning solutions, you could revitalise your home with life-supporting and sustaining energies