Celebrating the indian woman


Divine feminine power is drawn from the inherent qualities of Maa Durga. Goddess Durga is the source of Shakti of the entire cosmos and a woman is defined by Goddess Durga’s divinity and attributes. She is the Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi of our homes.


Shakti of our homes



Goddess Durga is endowed with 8 arms to destroy all evil and protect her devotees from all directions. Similarly, the woman of the house takes it upon herself to face any form of hardship with determination and confidence. 


Destroyer of Evil



She wields the power to destroy bias, ego, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, selfishness, etc to bring in righteousness, harmony, and balance at home.


A beautiful urli filled with water and colourful flowers kept afloat will add an additional charm to the entrance. Decorative diyas amongst the flowers would exude the significance of the festival too. A lit lamp or a diya always signifies knowledge, being a dispeller of ignorance. One lamp can light several lamps without diminishing in its brightness, just like how one spark of love and affection can illuminate several lives, bringing entire humanity into a fold of oneness. 



Embodiment of Values.



She imparts values of respect, reverence, flexibility, unconditional love, the importance of our ancestral heritage, etc to traverse the journey of life with dignity and integrity.


She is the face of Sacrifice.



She stays up burning the midnight oil to tend to family members in times of sickness. With limited funds, she provides for her family sacrificing her own needs. She sparkles up her home during festive occasions to spread joy, cheer, and radiance.


A hearth for her family



The day she steps into her new household after wedlock, she takes over the reigns, shouldering responsibilities as her very own, without any discrimination. She radiates warmth and kindness to win over people with different nature and qualities. Acceptance of every situation with a smile on her face is her true virtue. She is an expression of love and compassion just as Goddess Durga accepts all her devotees with love and compassion.


Devout in nature


Festivals reinforce values, traditions, encourages families to stand by together through thick and thin for all good and trying times. It is this time that we appreciate the values of love, understanding and adjustments to face all challenges with courage and determination.


Attributes of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi.


She is eloquent, creative, intelligent, artistic and highly knowledgeable like Goddess Saraswati. She carries herself with grace and beauty like Goddess Lakshmi ushering in wealth, happiness, prosperity and health for her family.


Navratri is here to remind us of the beautiful and noble qualities in every woman just as the divine Goddess itself. Offering prayers, holding fast to purify ourselves, singing devotional songs in praise of Ma Durga and coming together as one family will truly make this occasion very special. May Mother Durga’s blessings be with everyone.


Happy Navratri!