Appetizing Meals in Minutes


Back to back meetings, loads of paperwork, project deadlines and what not?!


We all know what it feels like when corporate responsibilities cram up our busy schedule and leave little time to cook a full-fledged meal once we reach home. Indeed, with such and so many challenges in our work schedule, the last thing you'd think of is entering the kitchen and cooking a nice dinner for yourself.


Wouldn't it be more comforting if you're given an option to throw all the ingredients in cooking pots with just a limited window and you're served in just a few minutes?


We know you too would be delighted as much as we would be!


As we all know that an unbalanced diet will crash the nutritional stability in our body and would invite many complications, it’s more than necessary to plan and prepare food which fills our body with essential energy boosters.


Here are our two cents on what to prepare when you're too tired to cook - 

 1. Fuel up your day with almsgiving foods 
Add foods that keep you awake and rejuvenated for hours and gives you the booster dose to kick-start your day. If you're feeling low and need a quick burst of energy, peel up some fruit to eat. Add Omega-3 fatty acids enriched foods, such as salmon, and seeds like flaxseed to your diet to level up your energy bars. Veggies, fruits, and nuts are also a must-add ingredient, you can't dare to not add to your diet.



2.  Be smart about #SnackTime

Whenever it comes to snacks, it's the fast foods that come to our minds. Instead of deep-fried foods, it's best to prepare other healthy snacks which are quick to prepare and too good to eat at any time and every time. Here are some easy #snacktime recipes which you can always choose to crunch on.





3. Turn #Dinnerleftovers to exciting morning time meals


If you have any leftovers from the previous night, don't throw it. You can turn them to delicious morning breakfasts so you wouldn't have to think too much about what to prepare. And these quirky dishes will also help you break the monotony of cooking the same recipes over and over again.



4. Order Grocery and Organic Veggies & Fruits Online





To manage your routine more efficiently, you can order your grocery items online. With many apps offering a home delivery option, it gives you the freedom to stock your stores without even going out to the local bazaars. You can also order #readytocook dishes which just takes some 15-20 minutes to prepare so that if you ever get tired of mixing and marinating deeds, you can enjoy the option of #ReadyInAJiffy.


5. Rearrange your kitchen cabinets properly


The last thing you'd like to invest your time in the kitchen is finding cookware, utensils or even knife, ladles etc. It would be best for you to rearrange your kitchen cabinets properly so that you can get what you need in seconds.

Cooking becomes so easy and swift when there's someone to offer a helping hand. Isn't it? Instead of trudging everything to yourself, make it a family event as you can save up time and energy while the kitchen activity becomes fun and collaborative.


As food is a fuel of the body, don’t skip any meal. Instead, try our enlisted easy recipes and make your life a little less laborious.


Happy #ReadyInAJiffy Meals!