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What started with humble beginnings, is now a multinational legacy. Along with Prestige, we’ve introduced a number of brands to offer complete home and kitchen solutions to home makers.

Our Brand
TTK Group

The TTK group:

The TTK group covers an array of industries, including but not restricted to - Healthcare, Protective devices, services, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals and supplements, and much more. Founded by Mr. TT Krishnamachari in 1928, the group has a global footprint and is ever growing. From personal wellness to the well-being of the household, the group is known for its entrepreneurial vigour.

Over 2500


ttk prestige


Prestige is the primary brand of the TTK group. With several awards and accolades, this home and kitchen appliance brand has grown in the hearts and homes of many loyal customers. In a cluttered category, Prestige comes with an innovation first approach. Our wide range of products are focused on improving the customer’s quality of life, and this has earned their trust in our abilities.


Stores Pan India


Presenting an economic range of cookware and kitchen appliance which are at the pinnacle of quality. The Judge portfolio includes pressure cookers, cookware, gas-stoves, bottles and flasks, mixer grinders, dinner sets as well as small appliances.


Years of craftsmanship and quality