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PrestigeXclusive Store is your One-Stop-Destination for innovative kitchen & cleaning solutions!

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At PrestigeXclusive – shopping is an experience

With a wide range of innovative kitchen appliances and home products, PrestigeXclusive – the exclusive store from TTK Prestige Ltd – has brought a revolution in the market. The retail concept aims to give its consumers diversity, inclusivity, value, and great service. Customer service is a priority, and we strive to enhance customers’ shopping experience. Now experience all Prestige products live all throughout the year!

Prestigexclusive stores all over India


Prestigexclusive stores all over India.


Years of successful business model.


Years in a row, awarded the best Franchiser Award.

Experience Brings Execellence

PrestigeXclusive is the exclusive store from TTK Prestige Ltd which has 60+ decades of history as India’s largest kitchen appliance company. Not only has our spectacular retail growth enhanced the lives of our customers, but it has also enriched our brand. Prestige is the country’s only entire kitchen and home solutions manufacturer with a market presence of this magnitude.​

A walkthrough of our Prestige Xclusive Store.​

Explore our Wide Range

Our PrestigeXclusive stores consisting of 35 product categories are developed with customer’s comfort and preferences in mind. Everything comes together, from product placement, color palette, and in-store experience, to provide customers with the exact product that fulfills their requirements.​

Transform your house into the home you want!

Where style meets smart

The PrestigeXclusive is not just a store; it’s an experience in fine cooking and cleaning.​ Explore our range of kitchen appliances, home care products, and much more in a way that that will help you evalute better. Our store layout is stylish yet functional- ensuring you make the right choice for your home.

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At PrestigeXclusive, you can discover our collection of smart, affordable, and stylish home & kitchen solutions – all waiting to visit their new home!​

Let’s take a virtual tour of our PrestigeXclusive store and experience the new world of shopping!​

Our Stores

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This is the latest format of the art interior and display design
Experience brings Excellence

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This is an elegant format with classic retail design

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Smart Format

This format optimises the cost of setting up the business

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Rural Format

This format is primarily for small towns and rural areas

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Join one of the best Home & Kitchen appliances company as a franchise partner and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Leverage the untapped potential of our industry and get excellent ROI up to 18% to 30% using our established business model that has succeeded throughout the last 15 years.

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