‘YOU’ come first

We strive to build a holistic culture for our employees.

People First

Learn. Grow. Lead.

With three types of programs, individually geared to the needs of a specific group of employees, Prestige Gurukul aims to keep employees up to date with new developments in the industry. Additionally, to foster an attitude of ongoing learning and adaptability all the TTK Prestige’s Learning & Development programs are performed through Prestige Gurukul.

Constructive Feedback brings out Excellence

We solicit feedback from our employees on a regular basis using our employee engagement survey Pulse, developed in collaboration with Gallup, to learn and understand employee feedback on TTK Prestige’s systems and processes. Our Loyalty and Employee Satisfaction scores are significantly better than the national average, demonstrating that our employees are proud to work here.

Rewards & Recognition

Through our signature R&R program, Prestige STARs, we recognize & appreciate the contributions made by our employees towards the organization. With the Balance Scorecard method of goal-setting we ensure that all our employees are on the same page and working toward a single goal.