Mr. T T Jagannathan


Mr. TT Jagannathan, is first and foremost someone who loves to cook. His need to innovate always begins in the kitchen . ‘If you don’t know how to cook, then you are not in the cooking business’, he says. Often referred to as ‘The Kitchen Mogul,’ Mr. TT Jagannathan is a gold medalist from IIT Chennai and hold a PhD in operations research from Cornell University, USA. He has been on the board of TTK Prestige for the past 47 years. He is the author of the famous book ‘Disrupt and Conquer-How TTK Prestige became a Billion Dollar Company’. The book is a journey about the company’s many milestones and how it had fought bankruptcy to become a successful agency. He was instrumental in turning around the TTK group and making it debt free with ‘a huge dose of common sense’ as he puts it.