Transforming the way India Cooks

Modern lifestyle has led to a transformation of Indian kitchens. They have now become more open with a strong need for convenience and better aesthetics. And at the forefront of changing the way India cooks is Prestige, the market leader in new-generation cooking modules. Coming under the aegis of the prestigious TTK brand, Prestige now seeks to further strengthen its bond with Indian households with its latest offering the clip-on pressure cooking system which reaffirms the brand's commitment to adding convenience and class to the process of cooking.


An all-in-one Package



What makes the clip-on pressure cooking range such an interesting buy is the way it adds a whole new dimension to the concept of pressure cooking. Not only is it functional, but also removes the cumbersome divide of the inner and outer lid. Along with being completely modular with attractive glass lids, these pressure cookers are multi-faceted; you can cook, saute, fry, deep fry and even serve food in them. The user interface redefines convenience in pressure cooking. To top it, there are safety systems that also cater to stringent European standards.


A brief Glance at the Products



What adds to the distinguished features of the clip-on pressure cooking ware is the sheer variety that it offers to patrons. Available in the popular styles of a saucepan, shallow pan, Kadai and handi, the range includes 3 litre, 3.5 litre, and 5-litre models and comes in an attractive two- tone variation of hard anodised and stainless steel, thus adding further aesthetics to your dining space. The clip-on pressure cooking range redefines the concept of pressure cooking. If you're using it to cook, it functions as a pressure cooker; if not, it can be used as a cookware to serve your food.


Feel the difference of the Clip On advantage:

  • Offers a unique lid: The lid can be used to convert any utensils in this pressure cookware range into a cooker. It can also be placed any position on the utensils and can be locked without any fuss.

  • Guaranteed safety: The lid comes with a pressure indicator that also acts as a locking device ensuring that the lid can't be opened when the pressure inside is high. A gasket release system is in place for extra safety.

  • Induction and gas compatible:  A full plate alpha base induction bottom guarantees faster cooking. It comes with an extra thick sandwich bottom for all cooking applications.

  • Convenient ladle holder: A lid that fits all utensils, the clip-on can be used for both cooking and serving. A specially-designed knob makes it convenient for placing ladles.

  • Multi-purpose use: This enchanting range is perfect for sauteing, steam, fry, boil, pressure cook and serve.

"Prestige is constantly innovating towards providing the customer greater value and convenience. Our brand has been the pioneer in pressure cookers. Since then, Prestige has been constantly reinventing the concept of cooking and making the process more comfortable and convenient for users. The clip-on range will further heighten this experience of cooking with its innovative features. To begin with, the user interface in this range is effortless and handy. The range is compliant with the theme of modern kitchens which are open and compact, hence is aesthetic and also a multi-purpose contraption. It grows with your needs and blends seamlessly with your cooking needs. Another key feature is that the clip-on range can act as both a pressure cooker and cookware. And to round off the perfect cooking experience, you can even bring it straight to the table and convert it as an attractive serving dish."


Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige Limited.

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