Prestige Kitchen Ladder

Reach out with ease, confidence and complete safety with Prestige kitchen ladder around. It is foldable, easy to store and to carry it to the location of your need. It is a durable and strong stainless steel ladder.

It is available in a range of 2, 3 or a 4 step ladder, withstanding a maximum of 150 kilograms. The feet have rubber tips and the rear legs have a continuous rubber protective support, that prevents slippage when you are climbing over it. The floor does not get scratched while moving the ladder. The steps are anti-skid and broad, making comfortable strides possible. Get to the topmost step and find an easy to grasp rubber handle to keep yourself secure and also confident when you descend down the ladder.

Make your routine chores like cleaning the lamp shades, fans or to access closets and cupboards easy with this handy accessory in your modern home.

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