Prestige Air Purifier (PAP 5.0)

Pollution levels at home can get stifling with the risk of spread of allergies, cold and flu right in your own protected space. Pleasantly, the new refreshing and humidifying Prestige Air purifier is an asset to the core, that safeguards yours and your family’s health intelligently.


An aesthetically designed appliance, it thoroughly purifies the air for a 485 square feet area through a 4 stage purification process, delivering germ and pollutant free air. Surprisingly, it only consumes 1 unit of power per 24 hours of usage. The advanced HEPA (High efficiency particulate arrestance) filter rids the air of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pet dander and other harmful germs. Unwanted odours like pet odours, cigarette smoke and dust are eliminated effectively. The purified air is humidified to ideal levels taking care of your complexion from drying out, preventing dry nasal passages and throat as well. The desired humidity levels can be set as per your requirement.


Its intelligent control panel displays the status of the polluted air through different colours, which is automatically cleansed through its “Intelligent auto sensor mode”, that adjusts the operation level accordingly. Programme the Air purifier to operate to specified durations as per your comfort with its “Timer function” feature. “The filter replace alert” reminds you to change the clogged filter on time for it to keep functioning effectively. The “Child lock” prevents the children from tampering with the settings. The speed control option allows you to set the level of air delivery at a comfortable pace. Enjoy improved sleep and health benefits with Prestige air purifier PAP 5.0 at your service.


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