Water Purifier

The new Prestige Clean Home Water Purifier PSWP 2.0 is your easiest access to safe drinking water. With a sleek space saving design, this purifier comes with advanced 3-stage purification system. Its high sediment capacity, pre-filter made of non-woven cloth, removes sediments, particulates and suspended impurities. The Carbon filter removes any odours. The FACT® filter cartridge which powers the FX™ BioSafe Filter, removes bacteria, viruses and parasites and cysts to provide you chemical-free pure drinking water. It meets all US EPA standards. The unit comes with a 18 L capacity.


This non electric water purifier comes with a superior tilt design that ensures every bit of pure water is used. The unique FACT filter has high sediment capacity and gives you a fast flow rate of up to 9 litres per hour with a filtration life of 1500 L. With minimal after sales service the Prestige Clean Home Water Purifier PSWP 2.0 is the best appliance you could bring home for your kitchen.