Prestige Clean Home Flip Bin


Most of us hate touching the cover of our dustbin to throw in the waste. This is where the modern Prestige Clean Home Flip Bin comes in. The trendy design allows you to use your foot to open the bin for disposals.

Its hands-free operation makes it more hygienic and encourages frequent usage. 
The durable plastic lid is light and easy to open and close. With a gentle touch of the foot on the foot pedal, it flips open for you to introduce waste into it. 
The inner bucket has an easy to use a handle that helps retrieve and dispose the waste and to clean as well. 
The sturdy carry handle enables easy handling of the Flip-Bin and its placement anywhere you like. 
It comes with a 3, 5 and 12-litre capacity to suit your requirements. 
It’s an elegant Flip-Bin with a stainless steel exterior that gives it a stylish finish. Easy maintenance makes it best suited for a modern office or a home. Enjoy a clean environment by placing these Flip-Bins at multiple accessible spots.