Prestige Omega Gold Series


The new Omega Gold line of cookware is downright sassy! Exclusively and futuristically designed, this cookware range is the sheer beauty with brawn. The Teflon® Radiance cookware is compatible with all other hob types including radiant ring, gas, and ceramic plates, hence purchasing induction suitable cookware is now easier than ever. It's 3mm thick body makes it sturdy and provides even heating. Now you can cook to your heart's content without the fear of burning your food as the thickness allows the food to hold in more heat for better cooking. It's PFOA free, hence no toxic pollutants pass into your food during the process of cooking. Not just this, to miraculously add to your ease of handling this cookware is also dishwasher compatible.  Talking of durability, the stainless steel particles make sure that the cookware range lives up to the old adage ‘Gold is forever’.

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