Prestige Cute Sandwich Maker

Health and Taste go together when you prepare grilled sandwiches with Prestige Cute Sandwich Maker. Its attractive colour and design make it a great addition to your glamorous kitchen. Its simplicity couples and family members to love to chip in for its preparation. The non-stick plates of the sandwich maker make your sandwiches healthy. Minimum fat content goes into the making of delicious and crispy sandwiches. The non-stick plates are convenient to clean and maintain too.

It is sleek, convenient to use and safe with easy to grip handles. The lock mechanism of the handles ensures that the bread slices with your choice of healthy filling, get completely encased within the toaster. Relish these toasted delicacies within 2-3 minutes.

Treat yourself and your family any time of the day with mouth-watering sandwiches. Enhance the flavours of cheese, mayo or barbecue sauce added to the stuffing.

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