Brighten your world with Prestige LED Lantern

Prestige takes pride in bringing forth a new range of lanterns to you. They are compact and the number of clustered LED lights that come in various models varies from 20, 24 or 36 LED lights. Being portable, they are easy to carry to your choice of location, including your work arena, camping sites, picnic spots or outdoors at your very own terrace or balcony. They are bright lights that perform at low energy consumption. They serve you with an extended  lifetime too.

Prestige LED Lantern provides powerful lighting through high efficiency clustered LED lights. Prestige LED Lantern is a boon to have, to drive away the darkness. During a power cut, it lights up your world through its 360-degree illuminating feature. This effect is possible because of its unique foldable hanging hook that enables hanging it from a height.

Some models offer a USB Port that enables charging of your devices like mobiles, tablets, etc.  

The lanterns light up your surroundings with bright light for1-3 hours and dim light for 15-25 hours depending on the model. The required charging time is between 8-10 hours. These lanterns are special in that they can be charged using sunlight with a high-quality solar panel. Alternatively, the lantern can also be charged with AC power. 


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