Rice Cooker with Momo Maker

The new Rice Cooker is here to simplify your cooking chores to save you time and energy at the same time. A menu planned for the day is taken care of by this compact and efficient cooker. The cool touch handles allow carefree handling to cook delicious food. Cook up a feast encompassing vegetables, rice, dals, memos and much more with this easy appliance.

The automatic cooking mode takes care of your food being cooked efficiently. Once the cooking is completed, it automatically goes to the “Keep Warm” function, keeping  your food warm for the next 2 hours.


The steamer basket allows you to steam momos or any other food stuff simultaneously while the rest of the food is being cooked.


The graduated aluminium cooking pan ensures even heat distribution for the rice to be cooked to perfection.The close fit stainless steel lid allows efficient cooking, at the same time allowing excessive steam to escape through the vent. The rice cooker comes with a detachable power cord making it a portable appliance. Cook food at the choice of your location with comfort and ease and entice your family and friends.

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