Prestige Automatik Mixer Grinder

Mornings could be utterly cumbersome when you have to juggle between getting your children ready for school and getting done with cooking. How you wished that someone could help you hold the mixer grinder and stand while the grinding gets over. This is exactly what Prestige had in mind while designing the Automatik Mixer Grinder, a mixer-grinder with a timer function that operates hands-free and  automatically with the touch of a single button.  Some of its salient features are;

One Touch Operation:

The single touch “AUTO” button powers all the required functions for grinding like whip or pulse to set right an uneven load and then increasing the speed gradually for proper grinding. A long press & hold of the “AUTO” button triggers the Pulse function with the display showing “PU”.

Digital Over Load protection:

The electronically controlled overload protection instantly cuts of the motor when it discovers an overload (running above the rated power). This protects the motor and ensures a longer life for your mixer-grinder.

DC Supply Operation of Universal Motor:

Unlike traditional mixer grinders, the new Automatik Mixer Grinder operates on the Universal Motor with DC supply. This reduces hysteresis stator and rotor lamination thus reducing the temperature of the motor during operation. Another advantage is that the motor torque is higher by 40% over traditional mixer grinders making it faster too.

Attend to your other chores with freedom, with the new Prestige Automatik Mixer-Grinder. Buy this wonderful appliance now from Prestige Smart Kitchen online. 

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