Prestige Coffee Maker - PCMD 3

Brew your coffee to perfection whilst the rich aroma envelops your senses. Enjoy coffee in all its splendour with the new Prestige electric Drip Coffee maker. Its advanced design mesh filter seats well in the brew basket that ensures a thick decoction for south Indian filter coffee lovers.


The brew basket can be lifted out easily, with its in-built handle for sake of convenience. The transparent water gauge keeps you well informed about the water level at all times. An elegant glass carafe collects the rich filtered decoction. The anti-drip valve ensures there is no dripping of the decoction when the carafe is not in its place. The steam vent releases out the excess steam to avoid pressure buildup within the appliance ensuring safety.


It is time to lift your spirits high with an enriching coffee experience! Just plug in the coffee maker for a great cup of coffee.


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