A Multi Utility Mini Cookware for a deserving kitchen


Make the new Clip-on mini pressure cookware your own, as every feature makes it worth from start to finish. The new version is lighter and more compact than its previous one. The Hard Anodised and heavy gauge stainless steel cookware are available as sauce pans and kadais to suit your various cooking needs. This petit cookware makes it convenient to cook in and serve in too.

The toughened glass lids turn them into ideal serving dishes. The universal lid is so unique that it safely latches onto every cookware in this clip-on range. One lid for all to turn them into pressure cookers. With one hand operation, this securely locks in its place with the turn of a knob.


The gasket release system offers extra safety, and the lid would refuse to budge if the pressure within hasn’t settled down. Use it on an induction cooktop or on a gas stove with its high-performance alpha base bottom to cook delicious meals. The heat resistant handles keep your hands safe and comfortable.

So use it to deep fry, saute, steam, boil and of course to pressure cook too.


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