Prestige Electric Kettle PKMSS 1.2


Once your day starts with a sip of your favorite hot brew, your energy gets its rhythm back. Keeping people’s early morning habit in mind, Prestige introduces some electric kettle PKMSS 1.2 which relieves their instant brewery requirement. It helps in preparing hot water, instant tea within minutes.

Prestige Electric kettle PKMSS 1.2 is a unique blend of a kettle and flask, works for both the purposes. It has got smart features that make the kettle a distinct character among the competitors to suit your needs.

The single touch locking is beautifully crafted with the ergonomically handle emphasizes on safety and convenient use. It locks the contents inside and keeps them from spilling for. The stylish glass lid with heat resistant lifter ensures safe and easy handling. The concealed element is easy to clean after use. Its temperature sensing technique turns it off when water is boiled completely. Its 360-degree swivel base makes it convenient for the kettle to be placed at any angle on any hardened surface and can be easily carried out with you when you travel.

As a brand Prestige keeps on increasing this product category in the range for best of the product quality. It helps in strengthening its brand equity and commitment towards this category.

It’s time for Green, black or lemon; every tea you love to enjoy through electric cattle PKMSS 1.2 just a few clicks away.

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