Kitchen Hood - AKH (B Series)


The most upgraded technology of Kitchen Appliance is brought by Prestige to meet the demand of the regular users in much effective and user-friendly way.  While cooking Grease that is oil droplets, hot air, odour, smoke is generated. Indian cooking is oily and we use frying and deep frying which generates even more grease. This fume if not removed efficiently, mixes with dust and becomes grime which is very difficult to remove. This will settle on the ceiling and kitchen cabinets and over time makes the kitchen dirty. Exhaust fan is not effective in removing the fumes before the oil particles settle on the walls and cabinets. It is easier to buy a hood than to clean those ceiling walls and cabinets every day.


This revolutionary auto clean technology removes trapped oil, grease and dust particles trapped in the chamber of the kitchen hood by heating and dissolving them and then the same is collected in the oil collector. This technology makes it easier to clean and maintain the kitchen hood without the mess.

The auto clean function cleans the filter by using warm water thereby eliminating the need for manually removing the filter and cleaning.


Kitchen Hood is a requirement of every kitchen which is brought by Prestige to make your life smoother like never before. The product has superior features like;


  • Stainless steel body with brushed steel finish

  • High quality heat resistant tempered glass for canopy and front panel

  • 1000 m3/hr turbo suction power with three speed selection for effective elimination of smoke and odors

  • Two LED lamps for effective illumination of your work area

  • Six feather touch buttons with three speed digital display

  • Auto Clean function for easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Baffle filters for maximum airflow and noise free operation

  • Aluminum hose with end cover to connect

The two diverse style of a chimney- Recycle and Ducted chimney or Kitchen Hood is highly useful for you to place it in your kitchen for maintaining the cleanliness in a much effortless way. So, what are you waiting for! Buy your Kitchen Hood today!


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