Stainless Steel Multi Shaped Idli Stand


Idli is one of the most important breakfast foods in India. As Idli is steam cooked and is made without the use of Oil, it is simplest and healthiest food for people of all ages. Made of high-quality stainless steel, Prestige Idli Plates are a wonderful accessory for your Prestige Pressure Cooker. Get ready for a wonderful breakfast.


The Idli Plates are availabe in exciting new shapes which are featured as quick, convenient, versatile and user friendly;


  • Flower
  • Heart
  • Apple
  • Triangle


For better results use the Prestige Multi-Shaped Idli Plates with prestige Pressure Cookers like;


  • Deluxe Plus Aluminium Pressure Cooker 7.5ltr
  • Popular Pressure Cooker 7.5ltr, 6.5ltr, 5.5ltr
  • Clip On SS Pressure Cooker 5 ltr
  • Deluxe Plus Alpha SS Pressure Cooker 10 ltr, 8ltr, and 6.5ltr


Grab this useful and amazing Prestige Stainless Steel Multi Shaped Idli Stand product now.