ISI Mark on Prestige Marvel Plus Glass Gas Stoves


ISI Mark on Prestige Marvel Plus Glass Top Gas Table


The Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stoves are a smart and elegant Glass top Gas table for a modern kitchen! The specialty of this product is that it is compact in size and thoughtfully designed to consume less countertop space. These gas tables come with shatter proof toughened glass top for longer life and convenient cleaning. It has highly efficient tri pin burners, which helps you to cook faster and more efficiently. It comes with an extra drip tray for ease of cleaning. These gas tables are a combination of performance, efficiency and good looks and a great value for money product.


Why is ISI mark a big achievement?


As the market is shifting towards Glass top Gas stoves in their modular kitchens, this certificate is the mark of guaranteed quality and authenticity. We at Prestige, aim to serve our customer with high quality and trusted products. These gas stoves are already a success amongst customers,the ISI mark just reinforces the trust factor in the product


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