Automatic Milk Boiler - PMB 1.0


Presenting India’s only Automatic Milk Boiler.The best in category Prestige Milk Boiler is designed to perfection. The automatic electric milk boiler makes boiling milk an effortless task for all. Just pour the milk, switch it on and forget about it! The intelligently built-in control sensors automatically stops heating when the milk begins to rise. Prestige Milk boiler is one of the safest ways to keep milk from overheating and overflowing. It comes with a glass lid and sturdy handles for a complete safety.





  • Intelligent Built-in sensor with auto cut-off:The intelligent feature ensures the milk never burns or overflows. It monitors the temperature and switches it off at the right time to keep milk boiled and ready to consume.
  • One-touch operation:It allows you to have complete control over the milk boiler with just one touch.
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning: It is convenient to use and designed for easy cleaning. Just use liquid soap and rinse with water
  • See-through glass lid with heat resistant handle:The transparent glass lid makes the appliance easier to use by letting you monitor the process. The handle on the lid makes it safer to use.
  • Detachable power cord: The power cord can be easily removed for the ease of carrying it around.


This Prestige Automatic Milk Boiler comes with a capacity of 1 liter, with 500 watts power and 230V AC, 50Hz voltage along with a 1-year warranty.


Grab this useful and amazing Prestige Automatic Milk Boiler Product Now.