Electric Stove Radiant Cook top


Prestige Radiant Hot Plate not only saves you a good deal of space in your kitchen with its sleek design but also makes cooking easier and faster with its efficient energy utilisation.

Stored with the radiant heating technology, the Radiant Cooktop ensures utmost use of energy. The ceramic plates provide maximum contact with the cooking vessel, in turn giving you a fast and uniform cooking along with the freedom of using the vessel of your choice. Unlike any other hot plate cooker, Radiant cooktop conceals the heating coil with a stylish, metallic finish ceramic cooking plate giving it a sleek and neat look at the same time making it safe for use and easily portable. To add to your ease of use, the cooktop comes with two variable temperature control knobs with clear demarcations, in order to give you an experience as convenient as cooking in a gas stove. High portability because of the light built and hassle-free operation makes it ideal for anyone and everyone who owns a kitchen.

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