Prestige Roti Maker 2.0


Prestige Roti Maker


Making Rotis should not be a task as it is an everyday affair. Roti making should be easy and fulfilling, with the outcome of soft rotis that melts away with your mouth watering curries and vegetable dishes.


It is a user-friendly device that makes you look forward to making soft and fluffy rotis. No more sweating and no toiling in front of the hot gas stove.  Place this compactly designed appliance in your choice of comfortable location, be around your family and don’t miss out on the fun times.


You don’t have to get trained or practice umpteen number of times to come out with the best of rotis. Begin now and today and come out with soft rotis every single time, and serve and relish them hot.


The adjustable temperature knob makes you feel like a pro, every time you operate this device. It makes you feel completely safe with its shock proof base. No more sticking of your rotis or using a lot of oil to get a soft outcome. It comes with 10 inches diameter heating plate, its non-stick base is a complete boon to have, to get soft and healthy rotis.


You don’t have to be worried about serving the perfect circular rotis to impress your family and friends anymore! The Roti maker takes care of it effortlessly. Roti making is no longer a time-consuming affair  anymore, with Prestige Roti Maker  being around you.


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