Prestige Clip-On Essential


Prestige Clip-On Essential (Aluminium) is India’s first modular pressure cooking system designed with highest level of safety and convenience, fabricated in virgin aluminium. Its unique pressure cooker lid can be used to convert any utensil in this cookware range into a pressure cooker - be it the Handi, Saucepan and the Kadai, thus being aptly called the universal lid. It is also fondly called the Hybrid Pressure Cooker. This lid can be placed in any position on every utensil of the clip-on cooking range and  securely locked without any hassles. The unique lid comes with a pressure indicator that also acts as a locking device, making sure the lid can’t be opened when the pressure inside is high. This revolutionary pressure cooker also comes with a secondary safety device that functions perfectly in any kind of emergencies, ensuring utmost safety.  


This gorgeous cooker range can be used to saute, fry, boil, steam, pressure cook and also to serve in. Clip-On Essential comes with a toughened glass lid that fits on all utensils in this range with a specially designed knob to hold the ladle while cooking and serving too. Use it on a gas stove or on an induction cooktop as per your convenience. It is also ideal for heavy duty use. Clip-On Essential has a Anti-Bulge Base that enables to perform with perfection and a long time to come. Its 3 litre capacity makes it your favourite cookware range for every chore in your kitchen. Go ahead and enjoy cooking with a one hand operation with this amazing modular cooker range.