Prestige e-hobtop Gold Series


Prestige e - hobtop Gold Series is India’s First Electronically Controlled Convertible Gas Stove. The new generation Hobtop comes with an elegantly designed Schott Glass with a lifetime warranty. It is a high quality, heat resistant tempered glass top. The elegant Black and Golden finish with an ultra slim body adds a touch of class to your modern kitchen. Its digital display and auto flame cut off feature clearly makes it India’s first electronically controlled gas stove that operates with timer control setting. The gas supply gets cut off at the end of the set time of cooking. In case of a liquid spillage or a strong breeze that sets the flame off, the advanced flame failure device ensures that the gas stove cuts off the gas supply promptly, thus keeping your home safe from any untoward accident.


The e- hobtop comes with an advanced one touch auto ignition for utmost convenience. The timer settings and the advanced auto ignition depend on electricity for operation. In case of a power failure, the timer function would still work for further 30 minutes and of course the ignition will have to be operated manually with a gas lighter or a match stick. It can be used as a gas stove and a hob, thus it is a convertible gas stove as per your need and convenience.


The Gold series e-hobtop come as 3 or 4 burner models to suit your needs. These models require a plug point near the gas inlet while installing them. The Brass Burners from Sabaf, Italy ensure high performance with optimum gas consumption. The Cast Iron Pan Supports lend a good support for your utensils for safe and even cooking.


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