Prestige Xclusive Mixer grinder


Making a tall glass of refreshing juice is now easier with the all new Prestige Xclusive Mixer Grinder. Its specially designed stainless steel sieve not only extracts the maximum amount of juice but also separates the pulp from it. The juice flows out through the outlet and the pulp remains in the in-built pulp container, making the cleaning procedure easy. What's more, the juicer also doubles up as a mixer grinder. It also has a powerful 550W motor and 3 speed control which makes it a multi tasking utility.


Unique feature-


Detachable pulp collector

It has a built in pulp collector that can be detached even while the juice is being extracted.


Efficient stainless steel sieve

The stainless steel sieves lets you extract the maximum amount of juice and separates the pulp simultaneously.


Double lock System

Allows you to start juicing only when it is completely locked to ensure safety


3-speed control with whip

Allows better control over juicing and grinding


Juice outlet

Has an inclined outlet ensuring uninterrupted juice flow.


No push loading

Automatically pulls in the ingredients, without pushing them down hard


When summer approaches juices is one of the wonderful remedies that will keep your hydrated and refreshed. And with Prestige xclusive mixer grinder, your juicing experience gets even better.