Prestige Induction Cooktop 29.0



The new Prestige Induction Cooktop ( PIC 29.0 ), adds colour and zeal to your modern kitchen. The striking blue exterior with smooth finishes comes with advanced features for you to prepare healthy meals. It comes with the convenience of pre-set Indian menu options for you to prepare your favourite dishes at the touch of a button to give you best results. The Timer facility pampers you to the extent of allowing you to attend to all your chores outside the kitchen domain.


The Automatic Voltage Regulator takes care of the power fluctuations, providing you steady energy supply for smooth functioning. This again protects the cooktop and gives it longevity. This makes it a power saving and safe cooktop. It is designed to block magnetic or any hazardous radiations, making it an eco- friendly cooktop too. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain with its smooth exterior finish. It is designed thoughtfully to prevent insects from entering the appliance, making it insect proof. The in-built aerodynamic cooling system ensures it cools down efficiently after every use.